Was it the Past, Present or Future?

Was it the Past, Present or Future?

Today’s session was a bit odd – it was more of seeing into the future than the past like I wanted to. A good chunk of this mediation was in fragments – kind of like a slide show – but this is what I remember:

I entered into a room, looked like a meeting room, and Bill had his back to me. He turned to look at he and cocked his head to the side when he saw me. Surprise, joy and more surprise flashed across his face. I reached over the table and shook his hand. When are hands touched – we both felt a very strong jolt of energy. I could tell he did by the look on his face. I glanced down at the table oval, a polished reddish wood (cherry?) and in the center was two triangles – base to base. I looked back at Bill and he had the widest grin on his face.

I went forward to sitting next to him at the table – across from us were two people – a female that looked familar and a male. Bill moved his left leg simultaneously when I moved my right and they touched one another. Neither one of us moved our legs. We looked at one another through the corner of our eyes and smiled. I am trying everything I can do not to break out into a full-fledged grin. I can tell he is having problem too.

We go to scratch our legs (my right – his left) and our hands brush against one another. The energy that is going through me wants me to jump right out of my skin. I flip my hand over and grabs his. He grabs my hand back and for a moment it seems that time stands still. At that second he calls that the meeting be rescheduled.

What type of meeting this is or why I would have a meeting with him is beyond me at this point…

Back to the meditation…I see a light off to my right. I can hear myself saying “No – I don’t want to go” but it seems I do not have a choice. Ted and I are in the water playing around and having a really good time – the place with the high cliffs that I had in a previous vision – but this is in the present, not the past. I actually try to leave this scene and move onto another vision – but I am told no. So Ted pins me up against the base of the cliff and has his way with me. At this time I can feel the past life where this happened and the present time overlapping – it as a very odd-odd-odd feeling.

Now I keep getting flashes of WWII and of Germany. I see troops marching, people getting shot, the concentration camps, crematoriums…it is all very disturbing and I want out of this vision.

I keep wanting to go to Atlantis. All I can hear is that the tools I need for the next step are right in front of me. My assumption is my stones – it’s the stones that will take me to the next step of knowledge.

Instead of Atlantis I go to my meadow and Jesus is there. I great him – he smiles. Bill and Ted arrive and I am surprised to see them both. They both get down on one knee and beg for me to find them. They know that I know who they are and where they are. I tell them that it isn’t that easy. What I want them to do is to talk about the woman they keep dreaming/thinking about so that they realize that it is the same woman – me. They nod in agreement.

Jesus sends a powerful ray of light into each of us – so strong that when I awaken I am light headed and kind of sick to my stomach (like one is when they are nervous).

Well – now I have to figure out what is right in front of me for step 2 in Atlantis. Is it my computer? My stones? Both? Time will have to tell!

My son’s party was a lot of fun – he especially liked that the town had fireworks “just for him”! HA! Eventually he’ll figure out it is for the 4th of July and not him:)

Back from my 10 day break tomorrow – boy do I have a backlog of readings and spells!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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