I’m sure you have heard of a Vision Board. If not – it’s a term used in the successful (yet flawed) book/movie “The Secret”. You are to get a poster board and put on it how you want your life to progress – how do you want your future to turn out. Cut & paste pictures of the kind of house you want, your health, your car, etc… EXAMPLES This is great if you never leave your home. You can stare at your future and imagination it being in the present all day. But what if you work, go to school, drive in your car a lot? Maybe you don’t ever want others to see what you vision for yourself…Give these VISION FLASH CARDS a go….

1) Find a good stack of magazines that reflect what you want. Not a HUGE stack – but a GOOD stack. There is a difference.
2) Go through the magazines and be picky on what you want.
3) Cut out what you like – can be pictures and/or words.
4) Based on what you’ve cut out – go out and get some index cards (they come in different sizes).
5) Look at what you’ve cut out and put them together in themes: love, money, job, house, etc…
6) Take a glue stick (not a bottle of Elmer’s glue – that bubbles up) and past a set of pictures on each card -(front and back) making sure you keep your themes together on each card. For example – on the front you put house and on the back you put money. <—-don’t do. Dedicate each card to one theme. Each theme can take more than one card if needed.

Now you have a choice. You can either:
1) Carry all the cards with you – maybe in a purse, backpack or briefcase.
2) Put your job cards at your work. Your love cards in your bedroom. Your money cards where you keep your checkbook. Your car card in your car – and so forth.

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