Vincent, Indy And Last Weekend!

Vincent, Indy And Last Weekend!

Everyone take a deeeeeep breath. Come — breathe in — hold – breathe out….and repeat….breathe in…….breathe out. One more for good measure — breathe in — hold — breathe out. Ahhhh…doesn’t that feel better? No need to be wound up tight wondering what has happened to little ole me. I’m fine. Today I’m fine – yesterday – so-so and on Monday — horrible. My son and I didn’t get home Sunday night until 11:45 pm. By the time I got to bed – 1:30 am and I was up at 6:00 am. I was beat – worn out. Plus – as you know – incredibly sad about Indy. I didn’t tell my son about Indy – and he bounced out of bed Monday morning saying – Indy’s coming home – my Indy’s coming home today.

I was crushed. But said nothing.

School came and went – I whisked him off to art class right after school. And then the moment I was dreading – I had to tell him about Indy’s death. The look of shock, sadness and fear crossed his face so fast – I wasn’t sure what he was going to do. But he was quiet – and asked how did Indy die. I told him his heart gave out. He sat there again and then said – how am I going to live my whole life without my Indy? I about lost it. So I explained to him how we will out live all the animals and that Indy will probably come back again as one of his dogs. He was angry, sad and hurt. But he did much better than I thought he would. For the last 2 days he’d mention Indy – and that he’s dead – but then he hurry up and changes the subject.

Poor Brodie walks around like a dead soul. He just keeps looking for Indy. He gets excited for a moment – and then is depressed. Yesterday he just went outside to a spot on the drive where Indy like to lay – and laid down. He wouldn’t come to me. I just stood there and cried.

The vet office called yesterday to see how we were doing – they also sent a nice card that everyone commented and signed. There wasn’t anyone who meet Indy who didn’t love him right away. He certainly will be missed.

Brodie was having a hard time breathing yesterday — all I could think is oh please — don’t do this now. Today he seems a bit better – but the mucus is still there. We’ll see.

Overall the conference was good. Friday I didn’t work so much – so financially I did not do as good as I needed to do. But the OBE sex talk went well on Friday. Many people showed up to say hi and/or get a reading: Holly, Kendra, Carolyn, Monica, Ben, Jeff, Michelle and her mother, Kim and many others whose faces I know – but I can’t place their names right now. I met many new people (yes Fran I do remember you) who I would like to keep in touch with — plus met Samantha (who posts on this blog) – she’s a wonderful person and got to see Terra again (again she’s on this blog) which was wonderful – and yes T, I finished my Cheez-Its on the way home- very yummy thank you!

As always it was great to see Maria Shaw and Joe, Betty, Carol, Monica T, Donna, DK, Joanne, Lynn, Hazel and Vaughn (I probably spelled her name wrong – as usual).

Monica Davis made me a a gemstone bracelet – with intuitive chosen Reiki charged stones based on what I need (not what I want). She chose: coral, yellow jade, garnet, green aventurine and carnelian. As soon as she put it on my wrist tingled – is was like that for hours. Now when I put it on 1st in the morning the tingles on my wrist happen every time. If you’d like one for yourself – email me and I will send you her contact info.

I have so much Vincent stuff to ramble on about because of last weekend. So much so that I will have to do an audio of Vincent Rambles #3 instead of me typing it all out. He was right there all weekend long. But I wasn’t the only one to feel it – others did as well. He zoned in during my kick ass past life regression from Tonya Douglas: it really was great. I went under with ease – I went back to several lifetimes. I have it on CD – I’m going to see if I can get it uploaded to here. Needless to say Vincent was not only in the regression – he was part of me during the regression.

Side Note: In regards to the message to Vincent from the front page of GA. It was up a month – it was time to come down. No – he didn’t contact me, but I’m not worried in the slightest about him and I chatting. It’ll happen — sooner rather than later. We’ll call it just a feeling I have (and no it’s not gas).

But I’ll tell you more about Vincent and the regression later – as well as the reading Joanne gave me that had him in it — and boy was she shocked – lol.

The séance went well Saturday night. Mr. Skeptic himself – Joe – saw Indy running around the conference room. My grams came though as well as my ex father in law. It was difficult to do one with al of the people in there – but we gave it our best shot and it seemed to have work. I know as Maria was asking the candle flame questions about the spirits & the messages they had – that flame sure did dance when it was told to. And yes – Vincent came up here too.

My chat on the Maria Shaw show today -on was really odd. I was supposed to give tips (I think) for Matt and Sara – if they went out on a date — how to make it more sexually dynamic (without sleeping together). But I couldn’t hear anyone. It was like they had their mikes turned up to the max – I caught every 100th word or so. Who knows if what I said made sense with what they were talking about. I was on about 2:00 or so.

My emails are so completely out of control – who knows when I’ll get caught up.

Okay – I need to go get my shower and go to bed – I am still wiped out. I will do Vincent Rambles #3 soon – either tomorrow or Friday.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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