Vincent, Andrew And Past Lives!

Vincent, Andrew And Past Lives!

This morning I’m working on a few things when I can feel Andrew next to me. He’s not saying anything – doing anything – just standing there. Vincent pops into my head. Okay – I’m going with it – I can see him smile, extend his hand – I grab it – his eyes twinkle. Then it hit me out of left field..

…Andrew is Vincent’s guide too. The shiver that went up my spine from this revelation – wow.

That’s why you’re my guide — because you’re Vincent’s? I asked Andrew.

His face turned very somber – his energy got very heavy all of a sudden. I owed it to the two of you – he replied.

Why – owed us for what? I said. You need to remember – Andrew shot back – just relax a minute and let me show you.

I’m in a past life – must of been in the 30’s by the way I’m dressed. I look down at my feet -barefoot. My feet are dirty – I had on a dress. I looked at my reflection in the river and I must of been what – 5 or 6. I had short dark hair and big brown eyes. Out of no where this boy comes and tickles me. He’s dirty – just like I am – shirt and trousers all dirty. He’s about 10 or so. I look at him – and I know the eyes – it’s Vincent. He gives me a piece of bread that he said he found. I ate it. He’s tells me that see – he takes good care of me. There’s a guy downstream fishing. Me and this boy walk up to him and the boy talks to him. The man says if we hunt for worms for him – he will give us a fish for our troubles.

So that’s what we did – we went hunting for worms. I saw something in the water – looked shiny and I reached over to grab it. But I fell in. I couldn’t swim. The river is taking me downstream and the boy (Vincent) sees me in the water and jumps in to save me – without even thinking that he can’t swim either. He reached me – but we both drowned – looking at one another.

The man fishing was Andrew. He says had he just given us the fish I wouldn’t have been searching for worms. Andrew goes on to tell me that Vincent took care of me since I was 3 – our parents were dead – we lived on the streets. And he did take care of me – until the end. I was right – this was the early 30’s.

We came right back – born to different parents in different parts of Europe. But we had one thing in common – we were gypsies. Andrew was our guide then – tried to help us make smart choices – but he was green at the job and didn’t get through to us. We both ended up with Dr. Mengele. I tell Andrew that I see myself as an adult there – not as a child – and my son was my child. So how could I be a kid? And Ted was a guard – and my friend. Andrew tells me not to force things to come into focus.

I ask him then to show me — and he says no – not this time. Vincent, myself and my son (in this lifetime) ended up in the gas chamber.

So in this life it was agreed upon that we would not meet until much later in life – when we could already take care of ourselves. Although we did almost meet as kids in FL. We were moving toward one another when something happened to take our attention away from what we were doing. Andrew said we weren’t supposed to meet – that would have thrown everything off. But it’s the eyes that neither one of you have been able to forget – you caught each other’s eye and there was something familiar about it.

When you two meet in this life – it’ll be instant – Andrew said. It’ll be as intense as when you met Will – or Bill — but this time it will also release a wave of calm – over both of you. Neither of you will be able to explain it — but there is a need to talk to one another. From that moment on – you two will be as inseparable as you can be based on your work schedules. So don’t worry Allie – everything is already in motion – that’s why I’m here.

I’m not worried – I tell Andrew – I just would like to know a bit more — see more. I could feel Andrew smile – -this is a time of patience – you still have some work to do. Now as Andrew showed me about Vincent and I and talked to me – I felt a chunk break loose from my heart chakra and disappear. It was heavy there – then it was tingly and light. Very cool.

This new info about me, my son, Vincent and the holocaust makes sense on why working on the BT in tandem with the unlocking of Vincent would be too emotional for me. Now that I get it — I can deal with it much better. Which – BTW – my emotions reigned in on Sunday – so thank you for the emails I received.

In the span of 24 hours – a praying mantis said hi to me (I mean really said hi – I saw it, said something and it turned it’s head to look at me – so cool), a dragonfly held steady in front of my face and a butterfly landed on my shoulder. All to let me know it’s a time of patience, transformation and change for the better.

Don’t forget to keep voting for me in the Start Up Nation contest: I wouldn’t mind being “hot” 🙂

I have a lot on my plate today – I’d better get going!

Crystal Sunshine!

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