Vincent, A Mischievous Spirit And The ULE!

Vincent, A Mischievous Spirit And The ULE!

I don’t know if you noticed or not – but I wasn’t on the Maria Shaw show today (and still won’t be since it ends at 3:00). They’re on the road in Salem and it’s difficult to have call ins. So listen for me next week!

So you WANT more Vincent ramblings? You guys are great! Either that or really – really bored:) I’m not sure when I’ll get to it because I’m finally jamming on THE BLACK TRIANGLE. I was having a hard time there for the last week – just wasn’t into it. But after Vincent’s dream visit last night – he must of jarred loose whatever was stuck – too bad I can’t remember what he said.

What I do remember is that he and I were spending the night in some house – but in separate bedrooms. I was dead tired and trying to sleep – he was wired and kept coming into my room. He’d shake me to make sure I was awake – sit on the edge of the bed and just yammer on. About what you ask? About the excitement of each of us having change in our lives. He kept saying that I’ve got something big coming up — and so does he — and the actions will be freeing to both of us. On and on about how excited he is and will be once we meet. He really was bouncing around like an ADHD kid. Finally I said that if he doesn’t let me sleep I’m going to take him down regardless of his size. He bounced in saying – you’re going to go down on me regardless of my size?

NOOOOOOO I screamed. Now out – out! He dashed over – covered my face in kisses and out he went. I woke up thinking – what the hell was all of that? Laughed to myself and went back to sleep.

But since I am making headway with BT – you know what suffers – the column and the blogs. I’ll try to keep up with some of it — but this script really has to get done before the ULE next weekend in Columbus OH. Speaking of the ULE – if any of you are going to be there let me know and maybe we can meet out for dinner or lunch. During the expo I never eat – so if I have someone to go eat with – then I will eat something. Besides – if you show up you can meet my friend Kal who helps me out every year. She’s Kal, I’m Al and most people who visit my booth either think we’re sisters or lesbian lovers. LOL. Oh – and even though it’s not advertised – I can give readings at my booth (#894):)

Last night my office door closed on me. There was no wind – the windows were closed. I opened back up and just said – stop it. That’s when I heard my bedroom door start to close – I put my hand on it to stop and I could feel pressure on the door. This time I said – Hi David — don’t freak out the animals and you know I’m spooked now anyways (I had been mulling over this horror story I want to write after BT and it scares the crap out of me as is). So the door was left alone. I let the dogs out for one last time (it was close to midnight) – we came in and all of the animals were in the kitchen with me – all 6 of them. When all of a sudden I felt a chill. As SOON as that happened -the animals scattered like their lives depended on it. I thought to myself — nice, and I’m the one who feeds you.

So I said out loud: Unless you want me to banish your ass to an earthbound hell – I’d advise you to go NOW. I waited for a few seconds and added: And leave my animals alone!

That wasn’t David or Heath – or anyone evil — I figured it out after he left – it was my Uncle Wally. That jokester died back in 1985. I don’t think he’ll freak the animals again on purpose.

I added the Empowerment Classes for October: with 2 new ones: Gypsy Healing and Metaphysical Business.

I also added a new MINI FS MP3 reading:

Did you notice that some ass hacked the site last night? Luckily I had it fixed in a jiffy!

Okay – back to writing I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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