Very Vibrant and Alive!

Very Vibrant and Alive!

Today’s session was like no other thus far. This one is hard to explain – but I’ll give it a shot.

I entered into a white cloud it seems and Bill was standing there waiting for me. I was surprised to see him, but he was not surprised to see me. He kisses me and tells me that he loves me. He grabs my hands and I comment that I was going to send him light. He smiles and says he dos not need it any longer. He no longer needs healing. The white cloud disappears and we are in my meadow. The birds are chirping and the butterflies & dragonflies move all around us. Bill says he is fine – more than fine – as his prayers have been answered.

To my right Jesus appears, along with Archangel Gabriel. Jesus smiles and wants Bill and I to face one another – and still hold hands. Jesus’ hands (that are out in front of the sides of his body – like you see them in statues) and he waves them inwards – to the center of his body. At that moment, Bill and I, our souls come partially out of our bodies and merge into a spiral that moves up, over and surrounds us. The energy I have coursing through my body is indescribable. I can feel a pure and vibrant love flowing through me and it feels so right – so healthy.

Our souls go in reverse and reenter our bodies. Jesus comments that it is done. I don’t ask what’s done because it honestly doesn’t matter. Gabriel kisses us both on the forehead and the two of them shimmer away before our eyes.

I look at a Bill and say that Ted needs us. He agrees. He is willing – even eager – to find Ted. This surprises me. We walk a few feet into the meadow – I get a sensation that Ted is right there – but I don’t see him. Bill feels the same. I look behind me – no one is there. I then hear a voice telling me to wave my hand – so I wave it in front of me (Like I was cleaning glass – from left to right) and the scenery disappears. Instead there is a window where we can see Ted in a trailer – he is lying down and it looks like he has a headache.

We send powerful rays of light and love to him. He responds immediately by sitting up and looking around. He doesn’t see us. But he smiles – as if he knows. We continue to send light into him and the light goes in and radiates around Ted. The range of light around him grows bigger by the second. Then in a surprising twist – he send light right back to us. What a jolt! Warm, energized love. It was wonderful! Bill and I break off our light connection to him. I tell Ted I love him. Bill tells him that he loves him too. Ted looks around the room and says “thank you”. The window disappears.

From behind, Clive appears. He looks vibrant and healthy. He tells us that Cindy is looking for us. I ask where is she? He turns around and points to a very bright light. Surrounding the light/Cindy are legions of angels. There is a light – practically blinding – coming from all of you. I ask Clive how he is doing. He tells me not to worry – that Cindy fixed him. He hugs me tight and places many kisses on my face. He then turns to Bill and does the same. He mentions that he has to go and that he loves us. With that he is gone.

Bill and I approach Cindy. She and the angels send a very concentrate beam into Bill and I. What a wonderful and loving rush that was! In a blink of an eye, Cindy and the angels are gone.

I reach into my pocket and pull out the bluish/brown stone that I found in Malibu. Bill takes it from my hand and says that he’s been looking all over for it. I take it back, smile, and tell him that if he wants it he has to come get it. I ask about he rest of the stones from Atlantis. He doesn’t know. He quickly tells me to grab his hands. I ask why. He says he doesn’t know – just do it. So I do and a split second later the floor/ground opens up and we are falling.

We land in the cavern with the bluish/green water. We look around and no one is there but us. I look at the ground – over by a wall and there are a handful of stones. I see the bluish/green one that I have, a long – twin – laser crystal, a moldivate (greenish stone), Kazakhstan Strawberry Quartz w/8 terminations or points, a small Augite (which is also my spirit stone) a 5 sided scepter-like Amethyst, and a massive twin crystal = all which I have. I also see a deep reddish crystal with a wide base – two columns that spiral around one another – in the center it looks to be on fire – a truly beautiful stone. There are a couple more – but I can’t see them, I only know that they are there.

Bill says that he has to go. I don’t want to leave. He smiles and says that he’ll see me soon. Then he leans in and whispers something that I can’t remember. He gives me a kiss that would make a sailor blush and he is gone.

I wake up.

Did you ever see the movie “What Dreams are Made of” with Robin Williams? I hope you had a chance to see it on the big screen and not only the TV – the colors used in the film were very alive, vibrant and moving. That is how I saw the colors in my meditation today.

I also wrote more poems last night. So far today nothing has come through.

She sits upon the windowseat,
And stares across the moor.
Her suitor shall arrive soon,
No longer they think she mourns.

The man who will arrive,
Is not the man she seeks.
But a suitable replacement,
So that she does not die.


Will this suitor have her heart?
Fear not as it has already been spoken for,
The worthless shell that protects her soul,
Is all that he will own.

For her love awaits for no one,
Other than for the man she seeks,
The one who long ago —
Captured her soul.


In the dark I hold her,
Our legs intertwine.
Soft, luxurious brown hair drapes over my arm,
Her beautiful face rests against my chest,
She slumbers — fast asleep in my arms,
Exhausted from a night of mutual ecstasy,
We’ve waited our whole lives to express.

I cannot sleep, no matter how hard I try.
Is this a dream?
An astral projection?
Or reality?
Please God, I’ll give you anything you want,
Just let this be real.

I try to open my eyes, but I’m too frightened to see the truth.
The sun steams in and forces my inner lids red.
A tear drops from my eye,
I know I cannot put it off any longer.

I open one eye and then the other,
A sideways glance,
Confirms my greatest fear,
Was unfounded,
As she reaches up and kisses me.

This is the best morning of my life.


The majestic beauty of your sky,
Makes my spirit soar.
High into the heavens,
I search,
I pray,
I wait,
To connect to you,
And for our souls to be as one

In the beauty of the painted rocks,
High above the country side,
We soar,
Into each other,
Two into one,
As our souls collide,
And merge into the love of our everlasting heavens.

I will wait an eternity for you.
My soul,
My love,
My life,
Let me love you.


The misty winds of heaven and earth,
Works together as a team,
It lifts and guides,
Your soul to mine,
So that we can live as one.


Tears of innocence,
Fall from your face.
They gather in a pool,
Of fear, love and regret.
Let me guide you to,
The place your heart belongs,
With me, at my side,
Forever young, innocent,
And in love.


Water drops from your body,
And pours from your soul,
As you look upon the here after,
And realize we will be forever linked,
Through time and space.

Copyright © 2005 by Allie. All Rights ReservedThat’s about it for today!

Until tomorrow…

ls and Sunshine!

Allie 🙂

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