Valentine's Day Couple Coupons

Valentine's Day Couple Coupons

This Valentine’s Day give your partner the gift of YOU. In this fast paced, over-scheduled world, partners are not spending enough quality time with their partners. Notice I said QUALITY and not QUANTITY.

One inexpensive and personal way to create person quality time with your honey, is to give them coupons for your time, touch and expertise. The coupons do not have to be fancy. If you’re not a crafty person, simply write them out on slips of paper and staple them together to form a book.

Here are 10 coupon suggestions for your Valentine’s Day Coupon Book:

  • One lunch or dinner at the place of your choice.
  • One back rub
  • One body rub
  • One night without electronic distractions (computer, cell phone)
  • Instead of watching ________ we’ll watch what you want to watch
  • A shoulder massage
  • For one night, I am your sex slave
  • One kiss
  • One day of PDA
  • Play hooky from work day to spend with you doing the activities of your choice

Be creative. After all – you SHOULD know what you honey likes and does not like.

Bliss Members….get more ideas here.

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