Upstream, Downstream And Destinations!

Upstream, Downstream And Destinations!

I’m at the stream, alone, looking around. I can see white light in the distance. It arrives next to me and it is Galadriel. She asks me if I would like to investigate the stream. I tell her yes. She asks – which way do you want to go? I comment that to the right, downstream would be easier to navigate. But I want to go upstream and find out where it takes me. She agrees and I go — up stream, in the water, trudging all the way. I know – why not walk along the outside, I don’t know. I love the water.

I trudge away, hitting my feet a few times on rocks, stumbling at times and ending up in the water. But it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. I round a turn towards the left and the stream ends at a large castle. Looks to me that it turns into the moat that surrounds the castle. I ask Galadriel who owns this place? She says – doesn’t it look familiar? I stare at it and it does — but I can’t place it yet. I enter into the castle and it has not been occupied in quite sometime. Looks like one of those haunted castles from the movies. Everything in it’s place, all it needs is elbow grease. I tell her that it could be beautiful again with a lot of work. She asks me if I want to see where the stream takes me downstream – the original way my intuition told me to go. I said sure and took one last look around at the marvelous tapestries, the deep red (yet dusty) carpets — and took a really good look at the huge double staircase right in the middle of this hall. And we left.

I now move downstream without any trouble. I stumbled I think once, but no face in first like before. I round the corner to the right and it seems to end — at a castle, in the moat. Yep – same castle. I look at Galadriel and she doesn’t say a word. I move inside the castle and it is indeed the same one – but this time around it is not dusty, or even dirty. Everything is how it should be if someone lived there.

Okay – and the lesson here is?

She smiles. You tell me, she replies.

My intuition told me to take the easy way, but my curiosity sent me the hard way – both arrived at the same destination. Had I trusted my intuition, I would have arrived at the same result without the grief.

Good, she says, but also you were never given anything you couldn’t handle, even the obstacles.

So what I am to bring from all this is that the destination is set and if I would just trust my intuition and follow it instead of my human brain or curiosity, things would flow easer for me?


I do remember the castle — it just dawned on me that this was from when I was a kid. This castle would always try to disappear from my view in my dreams – no matter if I was in it or approaching it. Now that it is almost 30 years later and obviously rock solid and not fading from view — I take it to mean that I am closing in on what is supposed to be.

Galadriel smiles at me.

You never did say — who owns this castle?

You do of course — is her reply and she fades from view. With that, I decided that I best get back to work.

Time to stop letting my curiosity to get the better of me and instead, just trust myself. I want to see more of my castle!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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