My little sister is due to give birth at any time now — her and her wonderful British husband are awaiting the birth of a baby girl. My son just rolls his eyes at the thought of another girl cousin that he has to watch over. Not that he doesn’t love my niece as it is — but she’s 3 and he’ll be 7 so he’s getting too old for her (his words) – LOL! My sister is the one who lays out my books and since I was sidetracked in March/April (very busy months) and May my head has been up my ass – I’m behind in the last gypsy magic book. I’ll have my part done within a day or two — but my sister won’t be able to get it laid out until she’s on maternity leave and has had some proper sleep (well – some sleep anyways, how much sleep can you get with a newborn?). So knock on wood it’ll be done this summer.

But as soon as my writing part is done, I’m jumping into the astral/dream/telepathic sex web page as well as getting the outline done for the book. Lord knows I have enough stories of my own to fill this book with examples for each section – but I will also be asking for people to submit stories — real names would not be used in the book – in order to give the book more of a variety. As soon as I get that up and going, I’ll let you know.

Last Monday I tried to do my sex chat on the L word but couldn’t since I blew up my DSL modem and GASP – was on dial-up! But DSL is back and working, so I’ll be there tonight, 10:00 pm EST at the L word in Second Life if you’d like to join us. It’s a lively bunch and nothing is taboo. The chat is for male and females alike – straight, gay or bi – doesn’t matter. Info on how to join us in the sidebar of this blog.

Remember last year when Cindy and I would do our sessions and then I would tell you guys about it? Well we’re gearing up again to start on Wednesday. Her guides and my guides told us both to start it up again – so here we go. Her real name is Tracey and she has given me permission to use her real name in this blog so I will from now on. Whenever we start to do these sessions, some sort of spiritual breakthrough happens for both of us! I can’t wait to see what happens this time!

I hope my reading/computer glasses come in soon so that I can stop my headaches — that’s what I get for being on the computer 60 + hours a week!

I want to do a quick session. As soon as I grab my healing wand and close my eyes I am taken to the pine trees in a wooded area near my home. Ethan is there waiting for me. We say our greetings. He asks me how I’m doing. Today not so bad – I reply. He tells me that the next several months will not be easy at all – in fact they could be down right horrible. But I have to stick in there and see things through. I assure him that I will and there really is no other course of action but to proceed forward. Ethan tells me that I must keep writing -write, write, write he says. I nod my head — then he shoots me one of those “looks”. I say – I know, Robert told me that I this book should have been done last year – I know. It’s almost done. Ethan says – good — because the sex book is what is really going to make a difference. Then from that point writing the erotica book as well as Kyra will also make their marks. But I can’t slow down, I have to put fingers to the keyboard and get it all out.

In a couple of months my career is going to take an interesting twist. What kind of twist – I ask. Ethan says a good twist and one that builds on the foundation I already have laid for myself. And -he says – it will take the ease considerably off of my money woes. I like that idea greatly! But he says he can’t tell me what and he can’t tell me when as I may stop doing what I have to do in order to bring it about. He stresses again — keep writing! So I will – I will! He says that when I make it through the next several months that Ted will be waiting for me – that he will be on the other side of these tough times just like he said he would. And if things get so stressful that I find it hard to breath – just remember that simple fact — Ted will be there when it’s over.

We round a corner and there is the blue farmhouse from past visions. He tells me to go inside and follow my nose. Ethan smiles and disappears.

I enter the house and I can smell brownies! I move past the large front staircase down the hall and to the kitchen. There in the kitchen is Ted in an apron. It’s a sight – let me tell you! The kitchen looks like WW3 hit it and the man is covered with flour and I think powdered sugar. He tells me to come in — and then says stop laughing! I never imagined you a cook I say. He replies – I’m not really, but I’m working on it. He wants me to try a chocolate brownie. I sit at the wooden kitchen table and he gives me a cup of tea. I say – tea? No beer, no coffee? Who are you and what have you done with my Ted? He laughs and says he doesn’t know why there is only tea here – but that’s all he’s got. Will and Bill and both busy he says, so I hope you don’t mind being my guinea pig. No – I’m good with that. I take a sip of the hot tea – it’s pretty good – but then if an Englishman made bad tea with would be a travesty! Anyway – the brownie is moist and pretty good. I’m not sure he cooked it all the way though cause it was rather gooey in the center – but it was good. He’s wiping powdered sugar off my face as I am putting more on his — when the session abruptly ends.

Ted in the kitchen — what a sight! My guess is that he was jolted out of his session which ended the connection.

Off to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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