Updates, Bill And Changes Ahead!

Updates, Bill And Changes Ahead!

Boy – where to start here? I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in the last several days. Let’s see if I can give you a quick run down of each item….

– Bill and I had a dream visit where we were at a party. He was outside on a picnic table and I was inside looking out at him. I saw his son walking around, talking to a friend. I went to go talk to Bill and a good looking woman sat down at the table. I decided that now wasn’t the right time. Nothing about where I was or what was going on was familiar to me. The people I had no clue except for Bill and his son. I determined that I walked into one of Bill’s dreams.

– An OBE with Bill – wrote about it in the OBE blog.

– Ethan has been chattering around my head. I am to turn the Empowerment E-class and Workshops into an Empowerment Self-Serve. Meaning that I am to talk all of my classes and condense them into small e-books for people to download and use whenever they want. Then discontinue the workshops and classes. The coaching I am to up the price and add more information to the page. The MP3 readings — I am to add a couple of readings here as well.

– OBE book — I am to offer the people who get picked to have their story included $50 and a copy of the book. I am also to get going on that book.

– First, before that book, I have to stop being so hard on myself about script rewrites. I’m my worst critic. Just get them done Ethan says – quit being such a wimp:)

– Oh, no more live shows for now – Ethan says I just do not have the time. Maybe in 2008 I can give it another go. That’s okay though – last week’s trial run was too dang funny!

– I am to make a DVD set of my magic course. Not sure how I’ll do this one — but Ethan was pretty straight forward about the fact that I have to figure out how.

– I need to lose weight. I want my outer body to reflect the inner happiness that I feel. Besides – when I do date again I don’t want to be so self conscious — and I want to be healthy:) So this SAT I am trying out for NBC’s “Biggest Loser”. We’ll see….

– The other day my smoke alarm outside my office kept going off. I’d tell it to shut up and it would. This went on for over an hour — I knew that it was my friend Dave stopping by and saying Hi as he was a fireman. No matter how many times I told him to stop with the alarm – he would and then 5 min later start up again. So I’m like – fine..and went looking through my house for smoke. Nothing. I came back up to my office and sat down and it went off again. I’m like – damn, has to be something in my office. I normally use my wireless keyboard when I’m at my desk – so I don’t touch my laptop for the most part. But now I did and dang gone it all — it was HOT! I mean – hot – hot. I shut it down, let it set – and the alarm hasn’t come back on again. And yes – I did tell him thank you.

– I have my own office in Second Life now — I don’t know the surl off the top of my head — but if you go in and do a search for “Ask Allie” you should find my office. I want to start to do readings there as well.

So that’s a quick run down. Today I keep getting that feeling that something big is coming up. I can’t put my finger on it – but I can feel it. Something good – something long overdue — but it’s on the way. I kept getting flash visions of me being in an office, with an assistant. I don’t know – I really don’t. But it factors in to what I keep feeling about that good thing happening. I’m not going to worry about it — just keep moving ahead.

And speaking about moving ahead — emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically I feel great! I’m almost off those depression drugs altogether – 3 more 1/2 pills to take and I’m done. I no longer hold resentment or bitterness towards my ex – I, in a way, feel sorry for him. He doesn’t know how to make it on his own and he really doesn’t want to try. In fact, he’s on a date right now. I’m just pleased that after Sept 19th that he will no longer legally be my husband. Ironically our anniversary is Sept 14th (11 years) and the pastor that married us just died of heart complications.

But I really am doing well. And my son seems to be doing well too. All of your well-wishes and white light has helped tremendously — thank you!

And on that note it’s time to pooper scoop litter boxes, collect trash and put together my brand new electric lawn mower:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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