Up, Up and AWAY!

Up, Up and AWAY!

Again solo – no wand. I am being swept up into a whirlwind. The wind is very powerful, but it isn’t hurting me. Instead it lifts me up and rapidly carries me over a great distance and places me on the ground with ease. Where I’m at now, I can see a bench made of concrete – looks old, maybe its stone. I’m not positive. But the ground below my feet has a deep green grass. There are many flowers in bloom. If I look up and to my right there is a large white house – modern in style (not old like the castles, but not so new that it as built before 1945) – with many windows. There is a massive deck that encompasses the back. Along the border of this property are trees – a forest. If I look more closely at the plants – I can tell that this is spring time as there are more buds then there are actual blooms.

I approach the house look through the sliding door to a walk out basement (looks more like a game room) – but it is dark inside and the door is locked. So I climb the steps to the deck and I see that there is a nice hot tub there – seats six. I can hear kids playing somewhere outside so I go to investigate. where there are kids there should be adults – right? I move towards the sounds and I can see a nice patio, with a great pool. The children are in the distance. I can see horses.

A man startles me by asking – dinner at 6? His voice suggests that he is British. I look at him and say – ahhhhh..yes? Very well then is his reply and he goes back into the house.

The wind scoops me up again and it feels like it is taking me back – but not all the way to the beginning where I started this session. Instead – I am in a house – an older house. I look outside and there is snow on the ground. I have on a sweater, jeans and a glass of red wine in my hand. I hear someone tell me to check the fruit cellar for something. As I make my way – I hear a door bell. I look in the fruit cellar and whatever it is I’m looking for is not there. So I go back up and as I round the corner to tell the female voice that it isn’t there (okay — side note – I’m am starting that annoying shaking right now) and that is when I see him. Bill. He has a bottle of wine in one hand, a book in the other and he is kissing the hostess on both cheeks. The hostess has shoulder length dirty blond hair and an apron that says “Kiss the cook (You’ll enjoy the taste)” Which I take to mean that whatever she is cooking – you will taste it as you kiss her and she must be a good cook:)

I glance to my right and I see a young Indian girl wave at me to come over. I do and she grabs my hand and into a cloud we go (the annoying shaking ends). I emerge and there is the same Shaman I’ve had in other visits in the same teepee. He motions for me to sit and I do. He tells me that I will cover a swift and quick distance and to not be frightened. The eagle is with me and will guide me safely to my destination. Channels will be complete. Tasks will finish. What will be is supposed to be. The hunt is over.

With that a big black bear comes in. It startles me, but for some reason I am not frightened. It lays down next to me and I am told to be at peace with it. I lay my head down on this big bear and then it’s over and I’m back at my computer again.

I love it when doors open – sights revealed. I wonder where this path is going to take me?? Of course all paths will lead me to the same conclusion – but it’s fun to speculate on how each path will pan out.

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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