Getting Unstuck Magic

Getting Unstuck Magic

Do you find that your relationship is treading water? The two of you are not moving forward, not backwards – just sitting there – and it’s driving you crazy? Give this flash spell a try.

(ps: it works great too if your life is stuck in limbo – just don’t do the steps for person #2)

1. Carve into an ORANGE candle your name and the name of your partner.

2. On a piece of paper, write what you want to get moving and where you would like to see it progress to. It’s OK if you do not know specifics – write the end game, the end result. Marriage? Divorce? Moving in together? Getting pregnant? etc…

3. Put the PAPER in the middle of your workspace and place the CANDLE (in a candleholder).

4. Light the CANDLE and imagine yourself and your relationship as if you already landed at the end game (married, divorced, living together, etc..). Let the candle burn down or at least for 9 minutes. If you must put it out – snuff it out (do not blow it out as it scatters the energy).

5. Take the MELTED WAX and PAPER, bury outside or in a potted plant.

Repeat every 6 months as needed.

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