Unknown Man Is Revealed!

Unknown Man Is Revealed!

Last night/this morning I finally found out the identity of Unknown Man. Let me tell you about the dream.

I was in a house of great wealth. It was decked out with all of the high priced amenities – large marble bathroom (the master bathroom was to die for), large master suit dressing room (super huge walk in closet with round bench/chair – no back) — it reminded me of the Biltmore Estate.Yet with all of it’s wealth I felt right at home.

There were a lot of people milling around the mansion. It felt like a weekend house party. I was on a lounge chair chatting with a bunch of women who I assumed I was friends with, when Unknown Man came in wearing a white robe and nothing else. And I had no idea why he did this…at first…

…But on the way to the large master bath that was across from where my friends and I sat, he stopped, looked at me, pulled out his erect penis and put on a condom. He smiled at me – then walked into the bath and closed the door. I remember seeing his face at that time – but it didn’t dawn yet that he was Unknown Man.

What did dawn on me at that moment was that I was to follow him in. I think that there could have been a better way for him to tell me — but no one but me saw him put the condom on. How do I know? I turned and asked — “Did you just see what he just did?” They were like yeah, he walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

I went into the bathroom and he was in the shower. I could see ever last piece of him. And yes, I was really impressed with that man’s penis. It was beautiful.

I stepped into the shower, he leaned down to kiss me and the kiss swept me away so much that I don’t remember that part of the dream! UGH!

The next thing I know I’m with the group of ladies again and we are at a terrace eating fruit and drinking wine. I was asked where had I been. I told them that he and I were in the forest for two hours. The women kept talking….then it dawned on all of them at once…I was in the forest for two hours with him — which means we had sex!

(How we got from the shower to the forest is beyond me)

I jumped up from my seat to go find him. He was sitting in the dressing room on that round stool.chair thing, in a red t-shirt and jeans – bare feet – with his head in his hands. His red short really stiid out as the carpet, furniture and cabinets were all shades of beige.

I knelt on the floor before him and slid my hands up his thigh – being playful. He looked up at me and his face showed he had been crying. I asked him what was wrong — he said you just left. Well yeah…we were done (this is what I was thinking).

But I said — “I’m sorry, I didn’t think you wanted to cuddle.” That is when I slide into his arms – he wrapped them around me — and that’s when I KNEW that he was Unknown Man. It was the same home feeling of security- the exact same feel from the previous times. It consciously hit me at that moment. It was wonderful.

Then he mentioned something about my unshaven legs. Now in previous dreams if we messed around at all I would stop him because I had to shave my legs.(I remembered back during the dream about the previous dreams) He mentioned how soft the hairs felt — but that they still needed shaved. I laughed — and I agreed.

He got up to draw a bath — and that’s when I woke up.

When I opened my eyes I knew right away that his name was Gabriel. I just knew. I laid there and went over his face with a fine tooth comb. I couldn’t believe I remembered. I said “Thank You” to whoever or whatever was responsible for my memory.

In the past when I had dreams with Unknown Man, I would think about it for a bit – and let it drop. Well after the last dream visit with the locker room – I’m like – that does it – I WANT TO KNOW. So I hounded the guides. If he and I are to know each other – whether it’s just in dreams – or in real life, I needed to know who he was.

And Gabriel is about 5 years younger than me, but looks at least 13-15 years younger. That man has the fountain of youth going. He’s 6’1″ with sandy blond – sometimes brown hair. His eyes are blue. I had thought they would be brown. But I looked back at the Unknown Man entries and he had both blue and brown eyes. Or by the way the light reflected I assumed they were brown. I don’t know…

Let me tell you though, in the physical world I would have never picked him out to be anything really – not a friend or lover. Not that there is anything wrong with him – I certainly would have looked at him had he passed me on the street, he’s quite lovely, but that’s about it.

Anyways – it would be him. So I’m happy to get that out of the way. Maybe we’ll get to dream again together tonight or tomorrow.

Allie 🙂

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