Universal Light Expo, Ted Andrews And My Gypsy Magic Books!

Universal Light Expo, Ted Andrews And My Gypsy Magic Books!

Wow – what a weekend! The Universal Light Expo in Columbus went great. The energy this year was at positive full tilt. My talk about Gypsy Magic went well – although I didn’t talk about half the things I wanted to – yet I ended my talk early. Why? Because while there were several people in the class that were at a magical stage where they could handle more creative or advanced spell work – I also felt a stronger vibe that there were a few people in there that were just at the beginning stages and if I gave them too much information, that they would jump into something that they were not ready for — and it would backfire. So I held back – considerably.

The book sales went well – many people who bought last years 2 books, bought this year the 2 new ones to round out the set. I was asked over and over about when is my next book is coming out – and what it will be on. I was very flattered that people wanted to know more. When I mentioned it’ll be about OBE sex – that seemed to peek all of their interests. So I know with that book that I am on the right track.

A woman who was at my talk came up to me afterwards and asked who were the three men that kept dodging around me – and without giving it much thought I said it was Robert, Edward and Ethan – my guides. However, it just dawned on me that I was wrong. Yes, the guides were there – but that wasn’t who she saw — she saw Bill, Ted and Will. Ethan says had I paid attention I would have known that I was telling her the wrong names.

I’ve been getting a lot of flack lately from the guides – saying that I’m not paying attention. I would agree – to a point. I do pay attention, just not as much as they want me to. I have too much on my mind and on my plate. I will try to do better – because I can feel with the changes coming up in my life, I am going to have to listen in order to make the right moves.

A couple of stores approached me and want to carry my book as well as two separate people running two different events, invited me to be a part of their workshops.

Something else really great happened while I was there. The 1st metaphysical book I ever picked up was by Ted Andrews – Uncovering Your Past Lives. When I heard he was going to be at the expo, I brought my book to have him sign it. I kept putting it off, and putting it off – when I heard Edward tell me to go. So I did. I met him, he signed my book and as I was asking him about past lives — who can I turn to help me — etc…he replied for me to find a hypnotherapist that can do past lives — I was about to say that has been a futile search, when this woman pops up and says “I do that”! Here her and Ted know each other – and her booth was on the other aisle – someone told her to “go see Ted” – she had no idea why. Ted’s like – well this is cool – you two are here for each other.

She took me over to her booth so we could chat more – and I realized that her booth was the one I kept being stopped at all weekend long. Repeatedly I passed the booth and looked at her picture – no matter where I would go in that hall – I ended up there. But I knew it wasn’t for a reading. I was floored when I realized it was her. So — she’s down around Columbus and I’m going for a past life regression on Oct 23rd:) I am sooooooo looking forward to it! My plan is to write a book about my sessions. We’ll see how often I can afford to go with her –or if we can work out a deal where we work on the book together. I don’t know which way it’ll swing right now — but I am so psyched. What time period do I want to go to 1st? Either Atlantis or Joan of Arc days. I’ll let the universe direct me to what is more important for me to know right now. And move on from there.

I did get a reading over the weekend — cause you know me – I can be a reading junkie:) Her name was Michelle and she used a really cool tarot deck that I forget what the name is. I 1st asked about Will – basically with Will she says that there is a very controlling woman around him and although it’s a very destructive relationship, he feels some type of obligation to her. He and I will have a good business relationship and adopt a very close friendship – the odds of sex are high but a long-term romance is probably out of the question. Okay – she was right in line with what I already thought. Next up – career/money — I have to focus more and develop a plan. Where do I want to go? How big do I want the business to grow? Thinking about it is great – but I have to write it down. If I take time to write screenplays – I have to remember to keep writing books in order to keep my name out there. Money out will be replaced by money in — so no worries. Again – yep, in line with what I thought. Last up (this was a 15 min reading), I asked about Bill. Now I know asking someone about Bill or Ted without telling them their real names and a history on both is simply not fair. The energy is too intertwined. I asked about Bill – but used his real name – however, I didn’t give any other information about him. What she picked up is that he is unmoving, and although he is growing leaps and bounds spirituality, he refuses to budge into the direction he is supposed to go. She saw lots of sex here – tons matter of fact (poor woman, it embarrassed her to tell me – I’m like hell ya), but as far as a relationship that is worthwhile and romantic – nope nadda. In fact, she sees me reaching a wall and to a point I finally say enough is enough and I pull back my energy. She only looks 12 – 18 months a head tops – so what lies beyond that she couldn’t tell me. But seeing that I’m not supposed to settle down again until 2010 – 2012 — her reading only takes me to the start of 2009. She couldn’t help but smile — told me that I was a very interesting read. Very nice woman — I’m sure I’ll go back to her next year.

I also adopted some really nice crystal spirits. Some of my favorites were from Gemworld, LTD (gemworld2@yahoo.com.br) who had fabo crystal pieces at reasonable prices from Brazil, that they mine and polish themselves. It’s a definite that I will adopt from them again. I was bummed that my crystal skull I was looking at last year – and this year – was adopted out at the end of the weekend. I did have many chances to bring him home – but I couldn’t see myself using 2 house payments to do so — at least not yet.

I met a lot of great people and just had a blast this time around. I’m also going to ask the Expo people if I can talk about OBE sex next year.

I have met a great guy via MySpace (of all places), who knows all about me yet hasn’t run away in fear yet:) I’ll let you know if anything comes of it — he’s a nice guy so I hope at least friendship stays around. But let me tell you. the last three times I’ve dozed off – the OBE sex was intense.

I took a 3 hour nap today. I started this entry this morning and I had to nap — just had to.

My son was so cute when I picked him up from my mom’s last night. He drew me 2 pictures when we got home. One was a circle with the words: You are my love. And the second was another circle that he said was a postcard and it said: I had good days with you mom. I just love that little guy….

And I’d better get to work….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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