Universal Light Expo, Guides, Vincent And Will!

Universal Light Expo, Guides, Vincent And Will!

What a week thus far. I don’t know where to begin – as this is a continuation of last week.


Well, I will tell you that Paul Newman is part of my day to day life. Seems he is a guide in training and Vincent and I are his “pet project”. So for this day forth I’m just going to call him Paul – I could care less who he was when he was alive. What I do know from him being by my side is he has a wicked sense of humor. Plus he just radiates a good, loving energy. Oh – and less I forget – he’s opinioned. Sometimes it’s Paul here – sometimes it’s Andrew – most of the time it’s both. Every once in a while Robert and Ethan stop by to check in. So Paul is both my guide and Vincent’s guide. I asked Andrew how they both can be both of our guides – isn’t there a confliction interest there? They said no. What’s god for Vincent is god for me and vice versa. If Vincent and I keep listening to Pal and Andrew then things will move forward as they should (and I say should because that is the word Andrew used).

So I asked – what about Will? Paul waves it off. No he says – that isn’t in your highest good – nor Vincent’s. So why isn’t Will in my highest good? I’m confused. Okay – Andrew has me stop and do Vincent Rambles #2. So listen there for more – it should be below this post.

Sheesh – that felt good to get that out of my system.

Update on DREAMERS – both CBS and FOX passed. Neither are looking for sci-fi at the moment. My manager has a new plan up her sleeve. Which is good – since Andrew said we’re about 3 weeks behind schedule. I reminded him – Mercury Retro. Things always move at a snails pace during that time. So Paul chimes in today – isn’t that over with? Yes Paul – it is – so things should move. I will be working on BLACK TRIANGLE this weekend. The structure/plot is good – I just need to dig deeper into the character’s souls for better dialogue. To do that I’m going to have to drink some wine – and cry some (well – a lot) but I can do it — I have to. I feel good about all of this and with the kid’s show (that we haven’t heard back from yet). It’ll all work out the way it’s supposed to.

The Universal Light Expo went well. I met many interesting people – gave many readings. I was surprised though to see a guy that I normally see at Maria’s events up in MI. It was nice to see him. There’s a past life connection or two between him and I. I can’t quite figure it all out yet – maybe I’m not supposed to. But what I’ve been told is that the sex in the past lives was great:) And I was told by Andrew to tell him this while he was sitting in front of me. I thought to myself – oh God – I can be bold but I do happen to be a shy person. So I just blurted it out. He took it in stride and wrote it in his notebook:) I may ask about him during my past life regression that weekend in MI at the end of the month.

I mention in the Vincent Ramblings #2 about the lighting rod up my @ss on Sat. I was wired – big time wired. And I crashed that evening at Smoky Bones as Kal and I flirted with this young male server. Poor guy – he asked what my talk was going to be on on Sunday and I said OBE Sex. From that point on he was flustered. If he knew what Kal and I were saying when he wasn’t there – he would passed out:) Man we’re bad.

My booth had great neighbors. This year we had Morgen from The Animals’ Voice on one side: http://www.theanimalsvoice.com/ (she’s a kick ass animal communicator – and a nice person – along with her cohorts in crime) and on the other side: Sacred Journey’s – The Family of Mu: http://www.sacred-journeys.org/ who I got a great trio healing session from – and the group is just wonderful as well (thanks Chrissy for all of the help). I also got a reading from Cindy Riggs: http://www.cindyriggs.com/ she’s great. Cindy is the one who I went to for a PLR last year and we chatted about Will.

My workshop on OBE Sex went great. People participated and I needed more time as we ran out before I could cover everything. I lost count on the number of people who wanted to see the talk, but couldn’t be there in Sunday. Thankfully there will be DVD’s of the talk available here within a month. I had a full house as it was – if the people showed up who wanted to from Sat – there wouldn’t of been any way to fit them all in.

I met quite a few interesting men that weekend that peaked my interest. It was fun to flirt – even if it was short-lived. No – I didn’t give them my number – but they knew who I was and could find me if they really wanted to – and vice versa. You never know.

My hands are burning up – fire hot. I also have a headache and spend allot of my time being dizzy and lightheaded – like I’m high (but I haven’t touched a thing). This coupled with my very active dream time means something is coming up. Something big. I hope whatever it is happens son as I’m tired already of walking like I’m drunk- plus being very tired.

My son’s little 8 year old girlfriend needs a heart transplant. Seriously – she does. Melanie spends a lot of time at the Cleveland Clinic. And this makes my son worry so much. He dreams with her on the nights she isn’t in school. So he knows that if he doesn’t see her in a dream – then she’ll be in school for a short time. He says he wants to be her boyfriend so that he can make her feel better. Last year my son’s acting out had a trigger – my divorce & the firing of his teacher (happened at the same time). This year it’s Melanie. He’s staring to slip back into his old habit of disrupting class. The teacher and I are trying to stop it before it gets out of control. I’m stepping in again with the laying of the stones. If you can send some light Melanie’s way I would appreciate it.

Had fun today on Maria Shaw’s show on Psychiconair.com. Love chatting with those guys. Did some tag team on a couple of readings – chatted about a Dollar Charm and a bit about OBE Sex. I was asked how many sex partners have I had in my lifetime – with OBE sex. I honestly have no clue – it’s way -way up there in numbers. Makes me sounds kind of like an OBE sleeze:) Sheesh. I was on from 1:30 – 1:55 pm ET.

Will has been very strong the last two days. He’s been saying how much he has missed me. And that he checks the blog still to see how I’m doing and what is going on. We had an intense OBE sex experience today. His energy is always so dang strong. Wow. When I was having my healing session on Sunday – as the chants were being conducted, I saw Vincent in my mind’s eye – but then Will showed up and pushed him aside saying something like – this is all mine. And Vincent let him jump in. I could 1st see Vincent in a multi colored robe – but after Will pushed him to the side – I could see Will in a dark violet robe. Will’s been right here ever since.

I know that there’s more for me to talk about – but I need to get my shower so that I can watch the debate with my son. He really loves the debates.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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