Unblocking Your Muse Spell

Unblocking Your Muse Spell

Need to be creative and you’re finding it difficult? Let the Goddess Brigit come to your aid and unblock your muse.

1. On an altar – or dedicated area – place TWO WHITE CANDLES and ONE PINK CANDLE in the 3 corners that represent a TRIANGLE (place the PINK CANDLE at the top).

2. In the CENTER of the CANDLE TRIANGLE put:

– A picture (s) or statue (s) of COWS, PIGS or BEES.
– A bowl of MILK.

3. Light the CANDLES.

4. In your own words, ask Brigit for her assistance. Remember when you’re done asking – to say Thank You.

5. As the CANDLES burn down, work on your project, and your muse will be set free.

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