Twin flames and telepathic sex – easier to sexually connect or the same struggle (at first) as everyone else? Both. Yes seriously, both. Why? Twin flames have a vibrant energy that is not matched by any form of energy – no matter where that non-twin-flame energy is located or who the energy belongs to. Even the birthing energy that gave life to the twin flames cannot match the twin flames’ vibrancy and connectivity. So by that alone, a sexual connect should be a piece of cake – right? Wrong. To connect with ease and fluency, two things need to happen:

  1. You have to know who your twin flame is. It doesn’t have to be a name, or a face, but the energy of that soul is what’s important.
  2. He or she has to believe you exist. They do not need to know it’s YOU – but they have to believe that their twin flame is out there.

Don’t know what twin-energy energy feels like?

  • Close your eyes and imagine true, everlasting love.
  • Pay attention to how you FEEL as you imagine that love.
  • Your heart chakra may feel like it’s expanding via tingling, pressure, or vibrations in the middle of your chest.

Now you know what twin flame energy feels like. Exactly like the above does. About 1/2 of the population in the US believe in twin flames, even if he or she does not tell others of the belief. That’s a whole lot of souls who will have a difficult time attracting one another – for any purpose, even telepathic sex. If your twin flame does not know you exist, it doesn’t make connecting impossible, it only makes it difficult.

Twin Flame Telepathic Sex

(there’s much more to telepathic sex with a twin flame than the act of sex)

  1. Close your eyes and imagine the energy (or the person if you know who it is) is right in front of you.
  2. Form a white light bubble of light around you – extend it to them. Now you both are encased in protection.
  3. Imagine that you are placing your projective hand (the one you write with), palm out, onto his or her heart chakra.
  4. Send love – a greenish/pink energy to their heart chakra. Automatically, his or her hand will rest on your heart chakra and send you love.
  5. The circle of love between you two will open/unclog/activate ALL of your other chakras (major and minor ones).
  6. As the chakras open, each will connect to one another – flooding you with love and a high dose of sexual energy.
  7. Once you are fully connected, you may enjoy this surge of energy for as long as you can hold it or you can move in and engage in telepathic sex.
  8. Once you are finished, withdraw your energy and close the connection.

Full on all chakras telepathic sex with our twin flame matches the intensity of astral sex. You can perform the above with a soul mate, but it will not have the same intensity it will with your twin flame.


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      1. Hi Allie
        I have told and Emailed her, that we are Twin Flames, but she is to busy running and still doesn’t understand the things about TF, we are working in the same company and she wanted to report me to our HR.

        Twin 1
        1. Unfortunately Twin 1 – that was the wrong move. If you reread my comment to your previous posting – I said that they may not know it’s YOU but that the twin flame was reaching out. Had I had a clue you would say something to her – I would have advised against it (which is what I’ve putin my books and scattered in posts throughout the site). Unless you are currently sleeping with the person who is your twin flame or are BFFs – any mention of them being “it” will send them running in the opposite direction faster than Doctor Who can fly off in the Tardis. Do not approach her about this subject until she speaks to you. Let this blow over. She has to process what you said without pressure. Then if she feels comfortable – will approach you. I know this from experience. This is where I messed up with 1st with Bill and then Will (with Will I didn’t come out and say anything – he stopped by my site – that was the nail in that coffin).

          Since a twin flame is also a soul mate (and only 1 soul mate is a twin flame) soul mates also feel the heart connection – although not as strong as the TF does.

          If you want to talk more about this – I’d be more than happy to fit a time in for you next week:

          1. Hi Allie
            Once you looked into your TF eyes your world becomes a rollercoaster; I approached my TF weeks before I have read your comment,
            we are also not working in the same building anymore.

            Twin 1
    1. When you find a twin flame there is no second guessing no “ifs” no wondering if he or she is it. You just know. It’s an inner soul knowing – not a logical knowing. If he or she is the twin flame, you wouldn’t need anyone to verify. If you need verification – then he or she is not a twin flame but a soul mate.

      Hope that helps!
      Allie 🙂

      1. I believe this person is my tf but at times when I find it long waiting for something to happen and people around me doubt what is am saying, I dought myself also. When We meet both of us felt like we already knew each other. We only see other about every 6 months and don’t have much time to talk as it is in a very professional setting but We are a mirror images of each other, physically, character, values Etc. I have a few very weird habits I do that I have not met others that do them but he does them too!! Just amazing the whole thing!!

      2. I can truly vouch for the inner soul knowing part. I had asked him in a text if we had known each other on a soul level. I didn’t need verification, I just had a knowing. Everything around that has happened has been chaos, and I have experienced astral sex with him already. It was very intense. I had asked him to do something several months ago and to show up at a certain location so he did what I asked and he showed up just to let me see him. We have not seen each other for about a yr now. He wanted to show me he heard me. That just totally blew me away. I mean there are so many other signs which also blow me away. So for now I’m so looking forward to the future.

  1. It’s taken 8 yrs of running,crying frustration, but he knew the 1st time it was something different. He made comments yrs!! later. I’ve been inside him like you put on a jumpsuit, my hand on me is his hand, I sleep with my rt. hand on his heart. We can make love from anywhere on the planet and be together anywhere. I can feel him block me, hold me, sleep in me, It takes time to learn how it all works and learning patience is KEY. yrs ago I said”You love me like Jesus does”. he said Finally and ran for 2 months. But our prayer time together was something that really brought us together and when we get messed up we pray together somehow. God was and is the foundation for all we have and when that is in order we are in order. We are communicating only I emergency as he needs some time to process all the stuff that’s happened recently which I can’t share. he has always been there when I needed him and I can feel him as an energy..sometime I’ll say were you messing with me this morning and he’ll say..”maybe” with a grin….I can’t imagine not having him in,my life. We met when I was recovering from a brain injury and he literally saved my life..Now he’s dealing with some high stress stuff and needs my support what else would I do…the day I realized I loved him to say I’d die for him..I knew there was no return from this…I finally found the terms and how it all works years later and now poetry I wrote in our beginning makes sense…”.how much of you is me and me of you when I can never tell the difference…” ..your arms were open to hold me but I could not stay…then will I come to coo,cry crawl, in the safe place on your shoulder never will I leave….Now I know what it all means…. Good luck on a journey that will totally change you to see and know your Heavenly Father in ways you never considered.. surrender all your ego.. your fears and be willing to lay down all the flesh stuff for a different way of life….God is at the core and submitting to His will is what the surrender of love is all about then you can be with your twin flame the way it was meant to be

  2. Hi,

    A friend of mine, who is 50, says he met his twinflame a few years ago. She was 16. Is that possible? They then proceeded to explore astral sex together. I feel uncomfortable with this, as it sounds like raping a child, even if it is astral.

    Is that possible, getting astral raped? Is there an age limit for when twinflames reconnect? Should he have waited until she was over 18 to engage in astral sex with her?

    I look forward to your reply.


    1. It is possible to be astral raped. It is also possible that a twin flame can have such a big age gap. But what a twin flame will never do is to proceed with their other half if he or she is uncomfortable. In the astral layers there is no age for anyone – there doesn’t even have to be a gender. In the astral we are all energy & take whatever forms we want to (if we even want a form).

      Twin flames is about so much more than sex. It’s deep soul love. Intimacy is felt down at the deepest level without the need to express it sexually on the astral or physical. Although if expressed on any level it’s life altering.

      Should he have waited? That’s not really my place to say. I know at 48 I would feel uncomfortable having astral sex with a 16 year old & wouldn’t do it if I knew their physical age.

  3. Hi Allie.
    The guy I assume is my TF is 3.5 years older than me. He’s in college and I’m in highschool.

    I know he’s the runner in the TF thing because he’s tried to move on from me but he can’t.

    His mom told me the other day she’s basically my second mom.

    I first discovered Telepathic sex a few months ago. I don’t remember how. I’m a Virgin of course, but I have sinfully touched myself. But I knew this a few months ago was sex because it felt different and I felt like something was inside of me.

    Since then he’s wanted telepathic sex a bunch more times but we’ve only done it three times and it’s got me wondering:

    Is he aware in the physical mind that we have this connection?

    When I myself imagine the sex does he know in the physical and show physical traits of it?

    When he’s masturbating physically can it affect me? Because a lot of times I can just be sitting doing homework and get really horny out of no where even when I’m busy and that type thing.

    TF questions
    1. Another thing, when I’m physically near him I get all tingly down there, and a huge feeling of wanting him and wanting sex from him. I haven’t seen him since I discovered the telepathic sex. But when I first discovered our telepathy it was on his birthday and him telling me what to wear. Then I discovered the telepathic sex. And when he’s near me I can feel it. It’s hard to explain but I can feel him there. Even like telepathically when I’m sad or crying I can feel him there and hear him saying it’s okay.

      TF questions
    2. Soul mates have a problem moving on – twin flames don’t need or want to move on – and if they do, they’re okay about it. In his mind he knows he feels sexually excited – unless he knows about TS he probably will not know why or by who. Even when your face pops up in his mind, he may not associate the two. His masturbation affects you if he’s thinking about you as he’s doing it. He’s engaging in telepathic sex even if he doesn’t know he is doing so.

  4. I have a dilemma…..I have a strong connection with a man 20 years younger than me but we have a real bond, we don’t see one another for months at a time but when we do there is a real connection, the eye contact is intense, the need for physical contact is intense. Last time I could feel my heart beating quickly and his too. I awake in the morning with my hands tingling and a building orgasm and know it’s him…am I bonkers? Is this real? If so, I have no idea what to do….

  5. Wow, both the article and the comments section validate quite a few things. Thank you for sharing this information.

    I’m assuming that it is possible for your TF to find YOU first telepathically? I used to be a hard skeptic of twin flames, chakras, and all that, but for a long time I’ve sensed a wise presence that doesn’t have a set gender or form. “He” is willing to take on a male form, but I’m growing used to the idea that this energy is androgynous. Despite my skepticism, I’m very drawn to “him”, and the love I’m feeling from him is both spiritual and sexual, though he always focuses on my heart center and is concerned about healing me psychologically.

  6. Hi Allie
    My husband and I are staying apart from past 2 months. He is very angry on me but I know physically he needs me. How can I make him feel the warmth and sexual arousal through telepathy sex. Please suggest.

  7. Hi Allie,
    We can not be together due to lots of reasons out of our control but we love each other, and he found a way to connect via telepathic sex, and we do all the time. The problem is that he has a wife, is it possible for him to be having sex with his wife and I feel it? I don’t want this to happen and I was wondering when he connects with me telepathically if he is not having sex with her. And if he does, can I feel it? How do I know the difference of him being alone or having sex with his wife?

  8. How about when you are in communication with your Twin Flame; and when the twin flame is getting off, and then they ‘release’ and you feel it, is that twin flame thinking about that person while in the mood? To explain , I felt our souls as one just a few moments ago. The energy was super strong and I got him image in my mind, where he was at, what he was doing, and when he released, I feel like anyone does when you had the big “O”, happy and released and loved. Y’all know the feeling.

    and now I am feeling as I type this that he is happy and thinking about me, but in sexual way. or could be haha. What are your thoughts about this?

    1. Hi TF!

      With Twin Flames (once you realize that your are TF and not blocking the energy) each of you feels what the other is feeling. You’re angry – he’s angry. You’re having an orgasm – he will want to have to have an orgasm too. You two do not necessarily have to be thinking of one another to feel one another.

      Hope that helps.

      More about energy, soul connections, & to get a deeper insight, please visit my sister site at

      Take care,
      Allie 🙂


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