Twin Flame Spell

Twin Flame Spell

Want to attract your twin flame to you? Give this easy flash spell a try!

  • Do this during a new or full moon.
  • You will need a garnet (rough or polished) and two pink candles.
  • Carve “your name” into one pink candle and “twin flame” into the other candle.
  • Put each candle in a candleholder. Place them side by side with a space in between.
  • Place the garnet in the middle of the two candles.
  • Light the candles and imagine your twin flame finding you. Feel the emotions of you two being together and the love that you two express.
  • Once the candles go out on their own, discard the melted wax.
  • Carry the garnet with you.
  • Repeat every three months. If you use the same garnet – let it sit over night in the light of the full moon (night before the full moon, night of the full moon, or the night after the full moon) to purify and energize it.

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