Todd, His Back and Dream Sex

Todd, His Back and Dream Sex

I know I should put this in the OBE blog but I’m still so pissed at that site I could scream.

So anyways…if OBE sex offends you – look away (although this will be rather tame – I’m leaving out the rather explicit parts).

Todd was “right there” all day yesterday. He connected to me telepathically without knowing it’s “me”. He does this a lot. How does he you ask? He focuses in on my energy. Remember I’ve said before here and in the OBE blog that we each carry a unique energy signature – much like a fingerprint. Todd is very intuitive – and he is able to connect without a lot of effort.

Any way – he said that he wanted to consciously meet up in our dreams instead of us “just ending” up together. So as I fell asleep I walked down my dream path talking to my guides Robert and Andrew along the way. Before I reached the end I was sleeping.

The next thing I remember is kissing Todd’s lower back – trailing my tongue up his spine. His lower back is very very sensitive. I thought that alone would make him orgasm. I reached to his hips and started to pull down his sweat pants. That was about all of the relatively calm that he could handle.

He flipped about and had me on his back within a second. Todd has got to be one of the best kisses I have ever “encountered”. I think part of this happens to be when our lips touch, it sends a shock wave of energy through our bodies. We actually have to hold on to one another when we kiss. The energy is mucho intense.

Todd reached down on me and realized that I did need any foreplay. Good kissing does it for me without fail. When he entered me, our reactions make me believe that he felt the super intense energy rush as I did. More intense than anyone before him. Yes – that includes Bill, Ted and Will. I would say Todd in a combination of all three.

I woke up – completely sexually satisfied. But I thought — no I want to go back!! So I did.

Next thing I remember is he and I in bed and he’s spooning me. This is 1st thing in the morning sex. The kind where you try to keep your bad breath off of one another – yet get as close as you can. Spooning – again – one of my favorites (yes I realize that some of this is TMI – you do have the option of looking away). With me – the harder the better. I’m no wall flower in bed (in and out of the dream world). The dream room we were in was full of the most spectacular white light. It was bright – esp after we were done and he was holding me. It was blinding bright. In the distance I could my alarm going off. He heard it too and held on tighter. He kept whispering the most wonderful things in my ear. Oh…to have those kinds of feelings and emotions together in the physical reality would just be amazing.

As I woke up I could hear him say that he missed me already.


Off to school I go…..

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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