Todd, A Connection And Divine Time!

Todd, A Connection And Divine Time!

After I posted Friday’s entry – guess what showed up on my porch? Another cat. A cute little black kitty with a skull & crossbone collar. He was such a scared kitty. I opened the front door and after running back and forth – he came in – and has been here ever since. He’s been well cared for and I’m sure someone misses him. So I’ve called the appropriate animal agencies – in case the owners call. Keeping my eye out for an ad in the paper and for posters. He reminds me – almost to a “T” – of Little Black Kitty that got killed a couple of years back.

Fiveer is making me angry beyond belief. Once I make a decision on something – I’ll let you know. I want to give them a chance to make it right – although I have huge doubts of this happening.

My driveway is nothing but a skating rink – again. It may have been warm enough yesterday to melt – but then it was cold enough to freeze.

Todd’s energy has been pretty steady over the last week or two. But interesting enough, with the arrival of the new kitty, his energy picked up 250%. I have no idea what the cat has to do with it – but I don’t believe in coincidences. If I take a moment out and allow myself to look into his eyes (figuratively speaking) it’s like I sink into him. I feel my physical body sink while my energy body moves forward and into him. The combined energy is exhilarating. I don’t allow it to hold for very long. The energy is very very powerful and to be honest, it scares me. It makes me feel like I’m the vessel for a multitude of fireworks. As soon as we merge – the fireworks go off. It’s like I’m tripping on the best drugs ever. We’re shiny. I know how weird that sounds. With the connection it feels I can walk through his thoughts and his mine. Each time I break the connection he tells me to hold on. But I won’t. I’m sure I could hold on. I don’t know…

This connectivity with Todd has me thinking back to both Bill and Will. Bill was the first. The connection itself had me thrown off. Looking back it was a strong connection no doubt. It still is a strong connection – but it’s under the surface if that makes sense. I can grab on and make it stronger – or leave it as is. But either way it is still there. Same with Will. The initial connection was strong – really strong – I feel more stronger than Bill. And like Bill the energy took a step back and is under the surface with it being up to me to make it stronger or leave as is.

I mention those two and not Vincent or Ted, because I’ve met Bill and Will. Both energies took a step back after I met them. What went wrong? I had time to think about it (well, I made the time). Both with Bill and Will I orchestrated the meet. Everything went smooth like silk – up until after the meet. To me, this says that I did this in Allie time not in Divine time – which is two separate things. Neither Bill or Will was ready to meet me. I rushed things. I will not make this mistake a 3rd time.

Since Todd’s energy is stronger than Bill or Will – this connection has got to be important. Even more important than those two and that boggles my mind. I would have a chance to meet Todd in April. But this is something I would put together. As soon as I started to formulate a plan to meet him – that’s when Bill and Will showed up to remind me.

I’m going to meet Todd in Divine time. However I don’t think that I’m powerless to help it along. I can continue to allow the strong connection and eventually bite the bullet and stay connected to him when it feels like the fireworks are going off. I could be doing this for a month, a year or even fifty years. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we’re both ready when the Divine says we’re to meet.

So what does my story have to do with you guys? I hope that it shows you that no matter how much you want something – no matter how strong  the pull you feel towards something or someone – you cannot manipulate a meeting or connection in your time. When you are ready and when the other person or situation is ready – the Divine will connect you. It may feel like we are on borrowed time and in these bodies we are — but our soul’s are eternal. Our time with our loved ones – our soul connections – are eternal. There’s no rush.

I want to quickly tell you about a dream visit Todd and I experienced. We were in a mountain. To be more precise, a big cave, deep in a mountain. This cave though was the crystal cave from Bill and Ted visions. There was something approaching us. I could hear the BOOM BOOM of it walking. Heck – sounded like a dinosaur. It arrived and we tried to defeat it. We couldn’t. The more we tried the worse it got. Then we decided to merge. We just looked at each other for a split second and then walked into one another. Our combined energy expanded rapidly and took out whatever that thing was with ease.

Have a Happy Valentine’s day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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