My buddy Jo gave this to me years ago from her defunct site and it works like a charm.

Purpose of the spell: To remove negativity prior to performing a spell

Best time to perform spell: Anytime

Best moon phase to do the spell under: Any

Herbs to use: Bay leaves – 1 to 3 leaves

Supplies needed: Charcoal (for spell work not the grilling variety), match/lighter, fire proof container


Light the charcoal*, place in fireproof container (not metal).

Place the Bay leaves on the charcoal while saying:

Bay of protection

Fire of light

Encircle (Name) atmosphere

And remove all negativity that dwells within.

So mote it be.

*Note: If you do not wish to buy charcoal for the spell, either light a piece of paper to place the bay leaves on, or simply light the bay leaves directly.

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