To Call Your Lover Home

To Call Your Lover Home


-Flower Pot
-Flower Bulb
-Spring Water
-Either a piece of their hair or nail clipping. If neither is available, a piece of paper with their name, date of birth (of known) and anything else personal that you can think of.


Take the DIRT and pour some in the bottom of the FLOWER POT.

Place the HAIR, NAIL CLIPPINGS, or PIECE OF PAPER into the center of the FLOWER POT.

Put the FLOWER BULB on top of the above item.

Fill the rest of the FLOWER POT with DIRT.

Grab the SPRING WATER. As you water the dirt, recite:

To me you come
Just as the moon follows the sun
And the sun follows the moon

As this flower reaches towards the sun
You reach to me
Without rest, without worry
You arrive where you are to be
Next to me.

Place the FLOWER POT in the sun and allow it to grow and flourish. Do not forget to water.

Repeat as needed.

© 2007 by Allie Theiss.

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