Time Compression, Lemuria and a Tornado!

Time Compression, Lemuria and a Tornado!

Today I’m being taken into a room full of clocks. It reminds me of being in the home of Father Time. Approaching me is a gentleman with la long white beard and moustache. He is thin, but not frail. Although his hair is white, his face still appears to be youthful – around age 32 or so. I tell him hello and ask him where I am at. He replies by saying that I am in the center of time. And this would be where? I ask. In the heart of it all. It is in the center a of all life he says. On the 11th plane in the 22nd quadrant he says. Interesting. Why am I here? Because he says of the other night. I tell him yes, I woke at 3:30 am, did a few things and what I thought was much time later, I looked at the clock and it said 3:30 am still. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. He says no. What happened is that I entered the in-between time – a wrinkle in the time thread that allowed time to stand still. How I ask? There is no how – it is simply done. Not all can do this he adds. But only those who has time as a gift like yourself.

I tell him that a friend called this time compression. He says yes – that’s one way to look at this. You step into a plane that is lighter that it feels like time is moving along – that is until you step back out of the ripple and back into your own dense plane and time catches up or starts according to your own inner clock. So it does seem from the outside that time is compressed. How can I do this again? How did I do it the 1st time? The 1st time was to prove to me that I had this gift. From that point on it is up to me to have this gift grow. I add – so I can theoretically get more time in a day if I step into this ripple? Yes he says. But how is it that everything seems the same while I am there. I can interact with people – like my son – and there is no difference.

He jumps in – did your cats bother you while you were up that night? Come to think of it no, they didn’t. He says because they knew you were in that ripple – they can see the changes in the plane, even if your conscious cannot. But I don’t understand — he interrupts me by saying this is not something that can be logically thought through. All I do when I try to figure it out is in fact – waste time.

How can I do this again? Focus he says – focus in on the ripple. Will yourself through it. Practice – shorts bursts at a time. It is most easiest to do at night. When your conscious mind does not have such a hold on your day to day activities. I’m still confused I say – but will give it a go later.

I am now being swept up in a tornado. I look out and all I can see is my life on fast forward. I can see myself landing writing jobs that pay well, to travel, to getting a script optioned, to being in New Zealand. It all happens so fast that I can tell it is difficult for me to catch my breath. I can just see myself writing, writing, writing. I’m plugging along at my novel – based on my script ‘The Black Triangle”. Then I am put down, very softly, into the water.

It is a big body of water, like the ocean. But the water is very blue/green and calm. If I look down I can see the fish swimming past me. A woman appears, she’s not a mermaid as I can see feet – but she is naked. In front of my eyes she morphs into a dolphin and turns around for me to grab a fin. I do and down we go into the warm water. I can see a beautiful underwater landscape. So many colors, so many wonderful sea creatures. It is breathtaking. Before I know it we enter an underground cavern and hit top water.

I know that this is Lemuria. It is a very simple city. What buildings there are seem to be made from different shades of marble. I can see white, pink, black and green. The dolphin morphs back into a woman. She exits the water – still very naked. Her long blond hair covers her chest. In a very musical voice she tells me that I must drink from the urn. I’m confused and she points over to a white/pink complex. I walk in that direction and I can sense that she is behind me,although when I turn around, no one is there. I find a small, pinkish bowl on a stand. Reminds me of a bird bath made from rose quartz. I scoop my hands in the water and sip. It’s hard to describe, but the water has an uplifting energy to it – the taste is vibrant and sharp. Like the feel you get when you have an oxygen tube in your nose – the pure oxygen that enters your body. That pureness is what this water tastes like. I look up from the urn and I see Bill standing there. He is in a tunic – a white one. With a crown or band around this head made of flowers and twigs. He smiles and comes over. He tells me that the time has finally come. With that he fades from view.

And I’m done.

So many things being thrown at me lately that it is getting difficult to keep it all straight. I’ve been working my bum off writing as I do have many projects now and I’m going what my guides tell me to do – which is focus:) I’m trying to be a good girl here.

I’ll really have to focus to try this time thing again. It was trez cool the last time. I know that time passed – yet the time never changed on my digital clock.

Back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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