Will – I’m so damn easy all he has to do is show up. I know, sad, yet very true. As soon as his energy hits me my energy field lights up. I don’t turn to mush, mind you — but the energy brightens my mood. It’s up to me whether I funnel the energy to creativity or sexual stimulation. It’s a fine between the two. I’ll admit, it’s usually both. They flip flop. I could block both from happening, but over the years I’ve discovered that I do not get a lot done if I do that.

Throughout the years, I’m discovering that each of the guys stimulates a particular chakra. Sometimes two or three dominate one chakra – or one stimulates more than one chakra. But as a whole, the men energize – and tickle – my energy vortex.

For example:

  • Bill – base chakra
  • Will – sacral charka
  • Ted – solar plexus chakra
  • Ian 2/Will – heart chakra
  • Bill – throat chakra
  • Vincent/Ian 2 – third eye chakra
  • Bill/Will/Ted/Vincent/Ian 2 – crown chakra

Will and Ian 2 each stimulate 3 chakras. This is why when they are in my energy – I go from 0 to 150 “like that!”

So who stimulates your energy vortex?

The way you find out is you think of a person and pay attention to how your body reacts. If you do not know his or her name (say you know them via telepathic, dream, or astral sex only) they could be a soul mate or twin flame you do not know yet. Hone in on the energy. As it is the energy of the person or being that resonates with your chakras. Not the physical person.

Here’s how I did it – step by step.

How to discover the person (energy) chakra connection:

  • Turn off phone, computer, filter out noise (for me in this house of animal fur and one loud teen – headphones and soothing music).
  • Sit quietly for a few seconds. Try to push out whatever it is that nags your brain space.
  • Think of the person or his or her energy.
  • Be still.
  • Pay attention to changes anywhere on your body – especially in the “chakra highway”
  • When a particular chakra “lights-up” that’s the match! For me – that chakra tickles as it expands.

I can hear someone now — why in the hell is that important to know?

Never you fear — I’ll talk about it in Tuesday’s post.

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