Three of Wands Prosperity and Abundance

Three of Wands Prosperity and Abundance

Need prosperity and abundance? Try this tip from Ellen Whitehurst

The THREE OF WANDS from the Rider Tarot deck shows a calm and stately figure of a young man standing and staring out over the edge of cliff, looking at ships passing over the sea. 

This symbolism inherent and the divinatory meaning of this card activates or triggers enterprise, strength, establishment, effort, trade, commerce, discovery. See, these are his ships that are bringing him his merchandise as they sail towards him over a calm sea.

Even when this card is reversed the implications or meanings are purpose driven for it spells the end of financial troubles or a suspension or even a complete cessation of adversity, toil and disappointment! Read that last sentence again. If you are looking to bring more prosperity to your personal party then place this image anywhere by the entryway to your space and face the card so that the young man is looking out your front door. 

If, however, you are hoping for reversal of your current circumstances as you call in your fortunes, then place this image upside down anywhere where you spend a good deal of time during the day. 

When I used this same cure to create a steady flow of cash to pay a PR company when my book MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY DAY was first released, I actually paired it with another Feng Shui gold standard for picking up some prosperity. A powerful symbol of incoming prosperity is a small statue of a sailing ship positioned immediately inside your front entryway with the bow of the boat pointing INTO your house. This boat does need to be three-dimensional (as opposed to an image) but can be quite small while still making a HUGE impact! I placed my sailing ship (with faux and fake bills and gems all over it!) on the floor right inside my front door and had the Three of Wands Tarot card positioned very close by. A one-two punch. But, just so I’m clear here, either one of these cures is entirely effective and very power-packed all on its own. Put on your swimmies because here comes waves of prosperity and OVERFLOWING ABUNDANCE just for you!

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