Three Light Sessions with Ted!

Three Light Sessions with Ted!

Man, am I tired today! So sleepy in fact that I fell asleep this afternoon (a rarity) when my son took a nap (another rarity). Before I launch into what happened today – I wanted to say “Thank you” to Connie and Anirbas for the kind words you said about my readings and spells. I really appreciate the loving words. Connie – no problem at all with my headache and your reading:) I’ve learned that I can actually suppress the headache – but only for 15 – 20 minutes at a time. Good thing you had a 15 minute reading:) And a special “Thank you” to you Leann – for always stopping by and giving me your $.04 about my $.02:)

Okay – onto today. This was the day that Cindy and I sat aside to send light and love to Ted. We scheduled it for 1:00 pm (all EDT time), 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Boy what sessions I had! Here’s the scoop:

1:00 pm: My session this time was short as I didn’t want to do to much the 1st time – kind of get him used to the energy. I first called on my Guardian Angels and Guides and then I asked Ted’s Guardian Angels and Guides to join. I asked for help and guidance. I also asked Ted’s angels and guides that since I am his better 1/3 and he is me and I am him – that I humbly submit my request for the angels and guides to help him. To guide him through life, to raise his vibrational energy – to guide him to Bill and I so that we may join as one. I got an overwhelming flow of love and support form my angels and guides and from his.

I then moved to Ted, I saw him in a blue, long sleeve shirt. He was sitting outside on a park bench. He was smoking the cigarettes he gave up and he was cussing at himself for doing so. At first I startled him. Then he realized what was happening. He put out the cigarette and smiled. He welcomed the energy. He then went on as why am I putting Bill in front of him – isn’t he as important? I replied that yes – he is as important. That I was to meet Bill 1st and then he – which is why I’ve put more energy to him. He then called me to come and get him. That we’ve been apart long enough. Told him that I couldn’t do that -not yet. That I will be seeing Bill soon and then him shortly afterwards. To have patience.

He leaned back so that I could place my hands on his chest and send him more light. Then our angels and guides joined together and sent him light. I could see the good color returning to his face and the age lines fade a touch. He looked younger – happier and he felt better. He smiles – a big smile.

I sensed Cindy off to my right. A large, powerful ball of white light and energy is all that I could see.

They were calling him back to work. I gave him a kiss and told him I’d be back. He says he’s counting on it. And off he went.

The whole time I was doing this – from the 1st second I summed the guides and angels I had tears running down my face and they didn’t stop until I was done. It was simply amazing.

3:00 pm: This one felt really odd. I started by calling the angels and guides – both of ours – for their assistance. Had the overwhelming feeling of love and peace. This time I found Ted in a trailer (?) I think. He was in bed, lying on his side – his back to me. I approached him and poured light into him. As I did this he was mumbling to himself and at the same time – I could hear all of our angels and guides speak very softly again in another tongue.

At this time I could feel another presence – Cindy. Again she was a big ball of energy and light.

Ted then spoke clearly and asked me to “spoon” him. So I lay down behind him and wrap my left arm over his side. He takes my hand and kisses it. Mentions how much he misses – how much he needs me in his daily life. During this time – the angels and guides are still sending light to Ted, but now it is going through me to get to him. He mumbled about how good it felt to have me there and that the energy felt great. He’s never felt so much love before – in this lifetime. He wants me there with him 24/7. I tell him that is not possible – but that my spirit is there always. He says it’s not good enough. Now he is starting to get agitated. I begin to send purple light into him as the guides and angels send more white light. He tells me he loves me and falls back to sleep.

The whole time I felt like someone was trying to yank my soul from my body – to go onto the astral plane. My upper body would lurch forward – and my stomach would feel like I was on a roller coaster. After this session I went back into meditation and discovered it was Bill who was trying to get me on the astral plane. He wanted me with him.

6:00 pm: I just woke up from my nap a short time ago. My animals made it difficult for me to stay in meditation. My son fell asleep downstairs – so I left my door open a crack in case he needed me. So my 3 cats needed to see what I was doing – 2 fell asleep on my lap.

I called in the guides and angels again. I went to the outside and I saw Bill standing there. I smiled and asked if he was there to help me. He shook his head no and grabbed my hand. I took my hand back and said he’s your best friend and you love him. He replies – yes. I’m your best friend and you love me – right. Yes. Then we have to go help him. He finally agreed and we walked towards the back of an open delivery truck that he was in. I called the guides and angels – then Bill called his. I looked at him and he says that we’d might as well have the whole team here.

I hear the guides and angels all talking again in that whispery tone – I can’t understand what they are saying. We surround Ted and at once we all send light into him. He fumbles at his work and almost drops to his knees. His co-workers ask if he is okay – he says he needs a break. He sits down, grabs a cigarette. Bill and I stand in front of him and send light into his chest. He smiles. I say hello. I tell him that Bill is here too. Ted says that he knows and that he is surprised since Bill has been keeping me away from him. I try to smooth things over and Bill steps up to say that Ted is right and that he is sorry. But he can’t help it. Ted says he understands, but that he loves me too. We continue to send light – Ted smiles. Bill grabs my arm and says that there is an alarm or something going off and he needs to go. He kisses Ted on the forehead, gives me a kiss and he’s gone.

I stay and continue to send Ted light. The guides and angels are still there giving light as well. I sense Cindy – Miss Ball of Energy:) He then tells me how much he needs me to be with him and I assure him that I will. I kiss him and tell him that I must go – but that I will see him tonight. He smiles wide. He says thank you for all of the white light. I tell him to ask his angels and guides for help – they are there for him. I told him that his worthless associations will drop to the side and only those for his greatest good will enter. His fear and obstacles are removed as well as his pain from losing me in the past. He then says he can’t lose me again. I reply that I am always by his side. Now that his vibrational rate is higher – he can communicate with Bill and I telepathically at will. I tell him I love him – he replies he loves me to and I leave.

You know – I think to myself that if these two – who are best friends in real life – have such a problem sharing me on the spiritual plane, what’s going to happen in the real world? I mean, they are going to have to learn to share me with each other – plus my family. I guess only time will tell on this one.

All in all – it was a very good session with Ted. His spiritual side is catching up to Bill and I – and it’s about time!

Until tomorrow…

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