Three Archangels, Soul Growth And A Message!

Three Archangels, Soul Growth And A Message!

I did the Soul Mate Quest workshop last night via the phone. It went great! There were 10 of us (that’s all I take for a phone workshop) and the questions were non-stop. Everyone was so interested in what a soul mate actually is (not that crap you see on TV) and how to find theirs. Good stuff! So that made me happy:)

Then — something else happened to counter my good mood. I used to have an enormous amount of negativity and hate in my life, due to associations from family. Five years ago or so – I finally got the negativity out of my life -and my son’s – to a point where it was manageable when it would crop up. Now last night I wrote in my journal asking God to send more things my way that are outside of my comfort zone so that I experience more soul growth. And who did he send – but the exact objects of that negativity from all those years ago. I was sick to my stomach immediately and had to ask the preverbal – Why? The answer I received – because I have to learn how to deal with this in love, not in hate. I don’t know how to do that – not with this. My hate for the sources of the negativity is pretty high – and I do not use the word hate lightly. I do not trust this negativity — it’s sneaky, backstabbing, psycho, obsessive and I need to keep myself and my son far away from this goo. But what to do? If this is supposed to be part of my soul’s growth, if this is a lesson to be learned (and it is obvious that it is) than I have to accept it and try to talk through love and not hate. This is a biggie – and I know that if the Divine didn’t think I was ready for it. I would have been sent another soul growth opportunity. SIGH. Wish me luck on this or should I say, if you have any extra white light, could you send it my way?

Just want to make note that the “Cast and Write Your Own Magic” class starts this Sunday the 17th. This is will the last time I offer it this year and at 1/2 price. To learn more and to sign up, go to: also as the class size grows I will not be able to give the personalized attention to each student as I can right now.

Archangel Gabriel came to visit me last night and today. In fact, I can feel her at my side right now. I asked her why is she here (not that I was complaining) and she told me for love, support, guidance and because a shift was about to happen. A timely and large shift for me personally and that she had been sent by the Divine to guide me through this transition. I asked if the reintroduction to that negativity in my life was it — she responds – only a fraction of it. This is a vital part of the shift, but it is only a part of it. Is the rest of this shift out of my control – is it things that happen to me and it is how I respond, is the major part of the shift. She says – yes. A message will be relayed to me that is out of the blue – unexpected and jolts me. Not entirely sure I like the sound of that I tell her. She assures me that I am not being given anything that I cannot handle and if I am feeling overwhelmed, this is why she is here. I have to ask — is anything bad going to happen to my son or I? She assured me no. He and I have much work to complete on Earth and we are not going anywhere for a very long time. Nor are any physical limitations for either of us – appears that we both have had them in past lives and we learned the lessons we needed to then. When is this message and shift supposed to take place? She smiles and responds – do not fear that which you cannot alter. I am here, for you and your son, remember that.

As soon as she has spoken – I sensed that Archangel Raphael and Michael were both here. They acknowledge their presence and both tell me that they are here as well, to help, guide and support.

So to recap: I have 3 Archangels around me for support – help with a huge shift that comes after a delivery of a message that I have no control over. A huge chunk of negativity has reentered my life that is a piece of the shift — but only a piece. Am I worried — a tad. Nervous, scared — I would be lying if I said no. However, I am confident that I can take whatever is about to happen.

I guess stay tuned — what else is there to do?

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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