Thoughts Becomes Things

Thoughts Becomes Things

Author Mike Dooley writes a lot about “Thoughts become things” in his book “Leveraging the Universe“. I love the book. I couldn’t agree more that what we think about, specially what we dwell over, becomes our reality. That is why today – of all days – it is imperative that you control your thoughts. Yesterday (Tuesday), today and tomorrow (Thursday) are three of the most powerful days of the year. With today – Summer Solstice (northern hemisphere and Winter Solstice southern hemisphere) – being #1.

Wherever your thoughts are these three days – will manifest itself within the next several months. Thoughts become things – but not by magic 🙂 Just like doing a spell, thought results are not immediate.

So what kind of life do you want in a few months? That is where your mind should be.

When you are looking for love, put your thoughts in a place where you are already in love with a wonderful person. This person is by no means perfect – but they are perfect for you. You are happy, fulfiled, excited, motivated and can feel love all around you.

No need to consentrate on the actual person. If you already have someone picked out – DO NOT single them out and have them be the focus of your thoughts.

Instead – think about the situation and FEEL the emotions. The face can be – well – faceless. Just because you have someone picked out who you assume will be instrumental in those feelings doesn’t mean that it will happen that way.

So feel the emotions – leave the actual person out – and allow the universe to step in and give you the person who will help provide you with those wonderful emotions.

Is it money you’re after or a job? Then feel the emotions you will feel when you have the money you seek and/or the job you want. Focus on the end result. Same as you would for finding love.

No matter if it’s love, money or both that you are looking for – focus on the end result without specifics on who you are with or what you are doing. Then pay attention to the hints and nudges the universe gives you in order for you to get there.

You will not get a powerful day like today until December. Take advantage of it!

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