I felt a big urge to write in here tonight – even though I am really tired. I labored on Labor Day:) I can feel that shift coming – and it’s going to be a doozy. In part it has to do with my financial situation – but it’s more than that – a lot more. Not all bad, just stressful because I’m not a big one for change.

There’s someone new who has been showing up in my visions. His name is Mark – well, it’s actually Thomas, but he goes by Mark. He’s been around for years (since 1979) and like when I would see Will or Bill (both from the mid 1980’s) – I would push this aside – not giving it much thought. But now – I’m not given a choice but to give him thought.

Mark is very intuitive. He also has a guru or someone he talks to on a regular basis to get a handle on his visions. Like him with me – I have been popping up with him. He’s all the way in CA – so the odds of me running into him are slim. Because the odds are slim – I wonder why the connection has been activated (so to speak)?

Mark is like Vincent in the respect that he is a protector. There’s no way in the universe that he (or Vincent) would allow anything to harm me. I can see him in past lives with me – either as a warrior (knight, police officer) or as a mystic.

About this time of year is when someone new – and important – pops into my psychic life. It’s like they get an inkling on me 1st – and then seek out answers to what’s going on. That’s when they happen upon my site and then I’m drawn into the mix.

Mark and Will happen to know each other with Will not liking Mark like Bill does not care for Will. SIGH.

What I wish is that the universe would stop introducing new players into this soul group/past life bunch and instead let me sit down for a face to face with the ones I know about. I mean hell – I know they stop by the site and keep an eye on me – and they know I know. So what the hell? Someday this would make a hell of a movie.

Last week I had a very nice dream visit with Will. He was in a theatre. I was pulled into his dream, not the other way around. He was watching someone on the big screen. I told him that one of the things I like about him – his ability to be complex, multi talented. He starts yelling at the scream calling the person up there an idiot & a waste of talent. Will turns, cups my face and kisses me – that’s one of the reasons he loves me, he said, because I put up with him. He and I sit in the very comfortable seats. He decides to go get something to drink. There’s now a movie on screen (no idea what). When he comes back – he doesn’t sit by me, instead he goes two rows behind me and hands the drink to the woman who is right behind me. I turn and look at him – WTF? He’s like – I didn’t know you wanted this. I give him the “whatever jack ass” look and turn back around. He sits next to me and apologizes – I tell him to keep quite, I hate it when people talk during a movie (which I really do). Then I woke up. No idea about this dream – it happened the night after my visit with Bill and Ted.

Right before I woke up this morning – in my dream I was passing a man who was sitting at a student’s desk (like the ones I see at college). He had his head in his hands – he was just beside himself. I asked him if Capital One was harassing him (like they are me in real life) he said yes – they won’t leave him alone. He looked so torn. I thought to myself – this is Thomas (not to be confused with the Mark/Thomas from above). I don’t know why this name popped up – but I knew that I was supposed to remember him. He was a big guy – good looking – older than me by a couple of years with hazel eyes. I grabbed a canister of film (as from a 35 mm camera) and said – nothing in life lasts forever – this too shall pass. I smiled at him and walked away. When I said it – I felt at peace — he looked at me – smiled and nodded his head. I woke up.

Vincent has been around a lot too lately. Not sure if he’s protecting me from Mark or what. But he’s hovering. Feels like a big ole blanket wrapped around me.

And on that note – it’s time for me to go to bed.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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