This One Sent A Chill Down My Spine…

This One Sent A Chill Down My Spine…

This session was very – very odd – sent a chill through my spine at the end. The stones I used today were a Boulangerite included Romanian Calcite and a Hedenbergite included Russian Beta Quartz, along with my stone and crystal healing wand.

I entered and waiting for me was a guy named Charlie. He looks at me and asks – don’t I know you? I smiled and said, sort of. He replies – “Wasn’t I at your wedding?” I said yes. I introduced myself. He mentions that I married Bill. Big smile on my face. He then asks about my friend Cindy and how to get in touch with her. I told him to go back to the original web site. Said it wasn’t him that got the information, but a friend and she is out of town. I tried to tell him how to find Cindy on eBay – but it was weird because it kept coming out as a whisper. I then told him my web site – to go there and email me. I will send him the information he seeks. I made him repeat the info a half a dozen times as he walked backwards and then just disappeared.

I then turn to my right and I’m suddenly in an outdoor cafe. I know instinctively that I am in New Zealand. Surrounding the cafe looks to be a towns square. In the distance – maybe 50 yards, I can see a large round fountain. I’m walking towards a table and a couple of women approach me and ask if I’m Allie. I reply yes. They ask me to sign their books. It shocked me, but I did it anyways and then got my picture taken with them. They asked a few questions and then they were off.

I arrive at the table and it’s Bill sitting there. He kisses me and says, “I can’t take you anywhere”. He laughs and then says – “The Kiwi’s love you”. He mentions that he wants to go horseback riding.

The air is cool – enough for sweaters, jeans and boots. We dismount on a lovely ridge – overlooks a massive river (although from where we were the river looked small). Some talk about how beautiful this place is. He grabs my hand and gets down on one knee. Immediately, tears flow down my face. He launches into a speech of love, friendship and eternity that would have made Attila the Hun cry. Then he takes out this gorgeous emerald, diamond and opal ring, which he designed, and asks me to marry him. I of course said yes immediately! He placed the ring on my finger and …

That’s when I was whisked back home – in Ohio – to answering the door in the middle of the night. I’m in my PJ’s and half asleep. I open the door and it is a police officer that I know from my son’s preschool (his daughter went there too). I ask if there is a problem. He opens his mouth to tell me when….

…there is a knock at my office door (there is a HUGE rule – don’t bug me if the door is closed), it pulled me out of the meditation immediately. I say “what” and the door opens – it’s my husband.

Now how freaky is that?

He came to tell me that he finally got my new stove installed – this thing is a beauty! I can’t wait to use it:)

Back to my husband – had a disturbing dream about him last night and now this – I warned him to watch his back this week. Other than that – there isn’t much that I can do.

The book “Gypsy Magic for the Lover’s Soul” is almost done! I’m soooo excited:)

I was just contracted to write numerology forecasts for a company in the UK that deals in wireless technology. This means that their clients can download my forecast on their cell phones, PDA’s, etc…. How cool is that?

I reserved my Gypsy Girl Press biz name and have the web address: Numerology wise GGP is an 8 Expression, 7 Personality and a 1 Soul’s Urge. In a nutshell, the name invokes trust, money, spirituality, knowledge and success. I think anyone who wants to start a business (or change their name) should consult Numerology. You would be amazed on how right it can be!

Back to work I go!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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