This Is SO Outside My Comfort Zone!

This Is SO Outside My Comfort Zone!

I am being urged to start this early. I don’t know why – but Robert sound very impatient. I enter into a room, with a large ornate mirror on the wall. Robert arrives. I ask what was so important? He says this — and pulls me to the mirror. He says — look. I can see Ted looking at rings. Robert says – she’ll bury him. You have to get to him now, before he loses it all. I look at Robert — how to you expect me to do that? Post what I told you last night, post it for all to see. Will you stop trying to get our private conversation out to the public? It makes me very uneasy. I know, Robert says, but it’s part of your path — it gets the ball rolling. There will be a person who will stop by today that has to see the conversation — that coupled by what you posted the other day will set things going.

So I’ll save Ted by doing so? YES Robert says. I don’t get it. You’re doing it — just like Bill, you’re doing it. You are trying to make what is illogical, logical and you can’t. There are forces that are beyond you control — beyond your human mindset that are at work. But no one can make you post the words. No one can force you to do anything. But you have to let your wall down, you have to. For the sake of thousands of others that you three will help — you have to bare your soul.

I look into the mirror and see Ted finding a very nice engagement ring. Doesn’t he know that she’s bad news for him? Yes, Robert replies, but he doesn’t care. He craves that closeness his soul needs the devotion and the attention that he assumes he will receive from her. His soul longs for you. His soul has to have you. But he doesn’t know about you in the physical sense — not yet. He assumes that you are a fantasy woman — someone that makes him smile as he falls asleep and when he awakens.

Do you remember your travels from last night? No I don’t I say. But when I woke up — I felt, very odd. I can’t place it but it was as if my soul was just settling back in. And know that whatever happened was with Bill. Something that I know he remembers. Something that caused him to have a break through — but I’m not sure what. I felt an enormous weight in my chest today…an amazing amount of sadness. But at the same time – I felt hope, renewal. So I don’t know.

Robert grabs my face and I look into his really blue eyes. You have to step outside of the comfort zone. The time is now. Everything happens for a reason. You have to save Ted for if he falls now, he will not get back up to full strength and he will be lost to the two of you – work will not be completed as destined to happen. Many will suffer if you do not fulfill you life mission in this current lifetime. So please, trust me on this. All that you do from now until Bill contacts you has to be printed in full. You cannot hold back. You cannot keep up your wall.

With that he leaves me standing there and goes into the mirror just as Brigit exits. Relief floods me as I see her. She gives me a great big hug and I tell her Happy Imbolic! She says — blessings my love. She grabs my hand and wants me to enter the mirror. But I don’t want to go. I don’t want to know any more, I don’t want to see any more. I’m tired – worn out. I feel “put upon” and I can’t stand it. She looks at me and says in more of a signing voice than talking — I know that you are burdened with many sorrows, many worries, don’t be for the Divine has not given you anything that you cannot handle or that is not important. Call on the light when you need aid. With that the mirror lights up from within. She pulls me through the mirror.

She and I are at a gathering. Or really – watching one. There are many in this room – a room ornate with gold trim and white walls — many paintings hang. Chairs/couches that look French to me. I can see “me” talking to a man. We are chatting up something about the difference of what I write and what people see on TV. It appears to be pretty funny. Ted is there, gin and tonic in hand. Talking to a man — and he keeps glancing over at me. The man looks at me and nods to Ted. The man and Ted come over to where I’m at. The man taps me on the shoulder and says – Allie, I’d like for you to meet Ted. It is immediate — the smile that hits my face and his. It’s large, genuine and I don’t know — school yard giddy almost.

We keep staring at one another, making small talk. I keep playing with my hair – the smile never leaving, I look down at the ground – so does he. We are staring at each other’s lips — but trying so damn hard not too. Ted asks if we’ve ever met. My grin by now hurts my face.

Brigit nudges me and says — this is where it gets good.

I tell Ted, in a way — yes. But this is the 1st time we’ve actually met. He wants to know more but I’m being asked to get to a meeting or meet someone important to my career. I ask Ted if he knows where 10 Wilcox Court is — he says yes. I ask him to meet in room 3 in an hour. He agrees. But he then asks me something that throws me off for a second — are you from Ohio? I am smiling so large now that my cheeks are killing me — yes I say.

I turn away from Ted and I’m telling you — it’s just like being as giddy as a school girl. He grabs my arm and says – don’t go. We need to talk. I tell him it can wait for another hour. Trust me, I’ll be there. I turn around and I see him watching me walk away which embarrasses us both — but we both chuckle over it.

Brigit takes me hand and into the mirror we go.

Now we are in a park – or maybe just a local small park..I see Ted on a bench. He looks lost in thought and almost as if he hadn’t slept in days. He is staring at the engagement ring that I saw him buy. He places a call on his cell and tells the other person: yes I’m alright. I just needed to think. We need to talk. He places the ring in his pocket and walks away.

I look at Brigit and ask her — what happened? You she said. He found out about you. From Bill I ask? She nods. But why is he so sad? Because Brigit says — he knows that he can’t marry her if you’re real. It changes everything. In the party – is this after he talked to Bill? Yes she says — the next day. So when did this happen with the ring. After you two were supposed to meet and didn’t. We didn’t? No – you were there, waiting — but he ran into her and sparks flew. By the time he got to the place — you left – checked out early. Now he was at the mercy of Bill contacting him again about you.

With that all disappears and I’m done.

This is what happened last night that I wrote down:

I’m supposed to be working on my two screenwriting classes right now since I’m so horrible behind it’s pathetic. Actually – this is Wednesday, so I want to be watching LOST, but it’s a repeat. So why am I here? I honestly wish I knew. Robert is being very pushy. Not just a little – but a pain in my ass pushy. It’s a good thing he’s my guide or I’d tell him where to go. He wants me to concentrate on Bill and Ted right now. After all this time of him telling me to get my butt in gear..he’s saying right now quit stalling…..

Okay – so what am I supposed to do. Type he says…….

“Crawling Back To You” has to do with Bill. You keep hearing it because this is the song he will play when he finally contacts you. There will be allot of anger inside of you – a lot – as he takes his time getting in touch with you. He thinks things out – tries to do so with perfection – he needs to be in control of when and where you two meet as you were in control of the why. There is no way that he will let Ted get near you. Not now, not six months from now. But — what will happen is that Ted will know when you two are to meet and he will simple show up. Be prepared for emotions to flow freely – at times very freely – words will be said that will hit hard. You will be standing there wondering why? You don’t deserve this – and you will be right, you don’t. So when it happens — walk away. You have to let them know that you will not be toyed with — you d
o not care who they are. They must grow up and accept what is truth. That it is fate – destiny – that you 3 are intertwined for eternity. You will have to voice your opinion – feelings – without losing your cool. Your energy is the most important at this meet. If you lose it, the fire will flood the men and all will be lost for many times – too much precious time will be lost. You three have work to do. As soon as Bill contacts Ted about you – Ted will stop at nothing to find you. He already tries – but does not know which way to turn. He sees your face, hears your voice – knows what you smell like — but does not have a clue how to find you. He is frustrated, in pain, he needs your light to keep him illuminated. You are his muse – as well as Bill’s just as they are yours. The three of you will work so much better together than apart. Ted struggles to make sense of it all.

It is requested of you to astral travel — to summon them on the astral plane. But you have to do so with a conscious knowing – dreamtime will not work. Your work must be done while you can focus and direct your astral self to the proper place.

You are on the cusp of greatness, do not give up now.

There is love above – below and through you. God breaths through you – take his light in and rejoice with the world.


This is so outside my comfort zone – posting all – sharing all. I know I post on this blog, but for the most part I am a very private person — very guarded. There is no one (yet) in this life that really knows me, knows all my sides, my interests, my dreams, my hopes. Every time, thus far, that anyone has gotten close enough (both male and female) that I would be willing to show all of who I am, I get the rug pulled out and am crushed. So for me to even let out a little bit of my private thoughts is a big step – to reveal more that what I’m comfortable with — is enormous. My guides have never steered me wrong, there’s no need to think that they will now. My only hope is that Bill contacts me soon so I can stop posting everything .

On a separate note, I submitted my idea for a “Ask Allie” TV/radio show to the pilot contest and I actually made it to the semi-finals! We’ll see if I make it to the finals on the 14th. No word from the cable network yet – -sometimes no news is good news:)

BTW…a big thank you to those who listen to my podcast and continue to do so week after week. I’m simply amazed….and very grateful.

Until Later….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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