They Say It's Chemistry!

They Say It's Chemistry!

There are things that hit me out of the blue and there are things that HIT me out of the blue. What happened today is the latter. I’m on, trying to find my groove once again. I’ve met a few very nice men and have spoken to only one – thus far – via the phone. There is a guy who I wasn’t going to chat with at all – in fact I was going to archive him (meaning I wasn’t interested) — but my intuition told me not to.

He posted a picture of himself the other day and he and I have been getting to know one another via the method (they have a guided process). Every time I get a message from him, my heart almost pounds so hard I swear it’s coming out of my body. But the interesting thing happened maybe an hour or so ago…

I was answering an email from him when I heard a man’s voice call my name — my gut tells me it is this guy from this site. I say –“yes” — and I’m shown a vision of him kissing me with such depth and passion that when we part it’s all either of us can do to keep standing. At that same time I could physically feel someone kiss my back and trace their tongue up my spine (it is happening again as I type). My mouth feels like it has been recently kissed and my heart is pounding hard enough to indicate that I am sexual turned on. Plus the way the rest of my body feels – it’s all turned on too!

I wonder what will happen when I actually talk to him?

Very interesting….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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