There Is A Fire Up My *SS And A Zing To My Step!

There Is A Fire Up My *SS And A Zing To My Step!

I kid you not….it feels like I’m on fire. Like someone has a match to my @ss. This morning I woke up on the WRONG side of the universe at 3:00 am…and man… I mean wrong! For some reason – don’t know why…at 9:53 (aprox) am EST I had the energy surge of all energy surges. Imagine how your mouth feels when you eat the candy “Pop Rocks” – now take that fizzle and simultaneously send it throughout your body. It was as if I had a Starbucks hardwired into my veins.

I still have the zing. I raced through my Podcats today – I couldn’t slow down my speech. I stumbled over words and sigh…what can I say? Do I know what happened? No. But intuitively it is Bill and Ted as they are the only one capable of sending such a surge.

The husband went from 2nd to 1st shift today. So this screws with my schedule a bit – I’ll have to do some reworking on when I can do phone readings and the Podcast. It’ll all work out in the end. I figure – heck – I’m going to have to adjust anyways on how I work in regards to my son — no matter what shift he’s on. Right?

I feel just so funky…..but it’s a really good funky like something FINALLY kicked into place.

I am so behind now in my screenwriting classes that I’m beyond stressed. Good thing I had the mood shift:)

A very strange dream the other night. I was running to an elevator with I think, one of my sisters. I pushed the button and I then watched two men talk about how I pushed the button – what I was wearing, what kind of mood I was in — but they didn’t see me standing there watching them talk about me. The elevator doors opened — but they were on the other side of the street! When I got to the other side – I had to climb up through a small hole in order to get into my mom’s house and then through there I would catch the elevator. But my head wouldn’t fit through the whole. I woke up — when I did I immediately knew the message: I’m going to be put into a situation or way of life where people who watch me — discuss me — but I always have to remember where I came from as not to let my head get bigger than it should.

Point well taken and agreed upon.

I did get a very nice email today – on a business level, yet personal. It was an enjoyable read.

Can I just say…..YA STEELERS! I’m so stickin` proud of the black and gold! I wear my shirt with pride today!

Until later….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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