The Unknown Man, Allie's Going Crazy and Dream Visits!

The Unknown Man, Allie's Going Crazy and Dream Visits!

He’s driving me crazy. Who you ask? I don’t know who he is! The Unknown Man has struck again. God – this really is driving me nuts. I even looked him in the face – several times. I should remember him – but I don’t! Strangely enough – I know one of his favorite colors is light blue. Not sure how I know it – but I do.

Now the dream last night – I’ll try the PG13 version since I’m posting it here instead of the XXX rating it should be. Feel free to elaborate in your own minds.

We’re in his living room. I can remember a spiral staircase behind us. He and I were well — wrestling like dogs (yeah, that’s it) — and it was so slow that I didn’t think he was moving. I kept trying to move to get things to speed up. Then he grabbed me around the middle section and we went horizontal. We were spooning – and the speed was well — improved upon. He kept talking to himself so that he wouldn’t hit the finish line way before me. Neither one of us hit that finish line because…

We were clothed and in NYC in a large ski car with a bunch of other people going from one side of the city to another to get a pizza. He thanked me for allowing him to come along. I looked at his face on purpose so I would remember it – told him no reason to thank me, he belonged here.

I had $20 in my left hand. He asked me if that was the money for the pizza – I said yes. He shoved $20 into my hand. I told him I was paying – he insisted I keep the money.

I placed my hand over his hand, his other hand went on top of mine. It felt perfect. Next thing I know he is sitting in front of me – I push his shoulders a bit to get him to turn around, he does and I bring him back to me. He leans into me – I wrap my arms around him. And it was like he melts into me. It felt absolutely perfect.

I know it’s him. You know – the him I’m going to have a relationship with – my last serious one in this lifetime. He keeps showing up younger than me in my dreams but I know he’s not younger in physical life. He looked for me. If I would have looked for him, I would remember his face. For some reason he doesn’t want me to remember who he is. I admit, it confuses me. No matter how many times I looked at him, I can’t remember.

I woke up very aggravated – among other things that could not be taken care of at that time or any time during this day. SIGH. I need to figure out who he is — need to know.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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