The Triad, Dreams and My Last Name!

The Triad, Dreams and My Last Name!

Here it is Friday already! Where did the week go? I spent most of my time buried in this computer, trying to make my deadlines. I have met all but one – and that is tomorrow. The personality tests were a test for me – to see if I could write them (10 in all) without losing my personality! It was a close call. A very frustrating, yet rewarding project as I think I did a pretty good job. But I haven’t heard back from the client yet, so we’ll see. Trying to get caught up on my two screenwriting classes. But I have a few things to do tonight that will take me out of my home and on Monday I’m being interviewed to be part of a Numerology book to be published in Europe.

I keep smelling cigarette smoke. I don’t smoke – the husband does – but outside and he’s not outside right now. Over the last week this has been happening a lot. My left shoulder also hurts again – for no apparent reason — an injury I’m convinced was caused by one of the guys and I just so happened to absorb it into my energy field.

I’ve been doing A LOT Of traveling during dream time. I have to be as I’m so darn tired. I woke up this morning after being in bed for 8 hours and my eyes are red, tired and I have a headache — just like I never slept. I remember bits and parts of last night. I know I visited both Bill and Ted. They are just snippets of conversation or attitudes really. Bill was confused and Ted was annoyed. Bill was trying to rationally think things through and was getting more and more confused as he was thinking TOO much about things. Ted was annoyed because Bill was thinking too much and not heeding his advice. He wants things to move forward – NOW. Wouldn’t it figure that the link is this triad is an over – thinker put between two somewhat impulsive people? Ted – he’s impulsive. Me – I think things though, for the most part, but I don’t over analyze them. I’m a happy combination of both men.

From last night I can also remember being in a large house – a mansion I think – it is not mine, but like I rent a room there or something. I have been here before – I recognized it. As seem common in my dream time – I was in the bathroom. It was a very clean bathroom – white and black. There was a gentlemen in the bathroom, a handy man, telling me that everything has been changed. I was annoyed by his observation or maybe just him being there in the bathroom when I needed in – and I replied yes, everything has been updated but the shower. The bathroom is big and has a dressing room off of it. He mentioned that it looked nice and I agreed.

He is messing around in the bathroom – maintaining some sort of equipment, I keep thinking a sauna – so I go back into my adjoining bedroom and lie on the bed. I keep thinking tat I can’t fall asleep as I have a joint book signing to do with my next door neighbor Bob (my real neighbor is Bob). I fell asleep and missed the whole thing. I see him standing in line in the bookstore after the event and I apologize. He didn’t care – gave me a great big hug and pulled out his checkbook. He was going to pay me for my appearance, even though I wasn’t there. He mentioned that he had a hard time pronouncing my last name – Theiss (which is my maiden name and in actuality, my current name since I never changed it with the gov’t, just slapped my married name on the end after I had the kid to make thing simple for him). So he said it a few times and I told him that was correct. I keep thinking he was paying me either $900 or $9000 for the appearance and I kept telling him not too since I wasn’t there. I felt uncomfortable taking the money – but he insisted.

I can vaguely remember something about Ted and fencing. He and I were “dueling” and he was being a smarty pants that he could beat me – I was determined to prove him wrong.

That’s all I can remember. But back to my maiden name. My family had a cow when I wouldn’t change my name (especially my dad) and really thought I was insane when I inquired – well why can’t he change his last name? I mean, really — why do I have to give up who I am? I suppose in the time where a woman was required to immerse herself so much into a marriage and do what needed to be done to please her husband and family while shelving her needs — I could see it. But now? I don’t see the point. Would I change my name if there is a marriage #3? Honestly – it would depend who husband 3 was and really, who I am at that time. I’m not against the name change – I just don’t think it is a necessity!

I still feel myself being worked over – researched. But the energy is more calm now – they are not looking to discredit what I say, rather it has turned to an acceptance and how they fit into it all. The confusion is still there , but the negativity has filtered away to instead bring harmony to the situation.

Okay – back to the deadlines I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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