The Tower of London and Bill Wants Space!

The Tower of London and Bill Wants Space!

Robert is bugging me to go into my session early. He reminds me that I have to type it all for all to know. I tell him that I have readings to do — he understands, but says it is important. So here I go…..

I’m in a tower room – for some reason it feels like the Tower Of London. I can feel many unseen presences, much pain and sorrow. I look around and open a door. The hallway is of stone, a red carpet of sorts is down the center – the walls are of stone. There are tapestries and paintings on the walls. I can actually see a faint outline of a maid or female servant in Victorian days moving towards me and with a zing of flash energy, right through me. I hear a male clear his throat. I turn and it is Robert in the tower room.

I ask him- why am I here of all places? He chuckles and says with my strong desire to get to London and my love for anything haunted – this seemed appreciate. So this has no hidden meaning – I ask? No, not really. Unless you want to discuss you going to London? I get to go to London (I have a wide eyed grin and even in this astral state – very excited)? He says yes and in fact — you will be spending more time here than you thought. I will – why?

Your new job and…Ted. There’s no doubt in the Divine’s eye or in your heart about Ted. What about Ted I ask? What doubt? That it’s Bill’s job to bring you two together. Yes I say – the triad, all three of us. Yes, Robert replies – but also you and Ted. I shake my head – that’s not right I say. Oh, but it is – Robert places his hand on my shoulder. Why? How? – I go to a window and just stare out. I honestly don’t see anything but I don’t care. God – right now I have a pit, the size of Texas, right in the center of my chest.

Robert talks on: It’s not that Bill doesn’t care as you do or as Ted does. You each feel towards one another with the same strength, the same love and devotion. But in this lifetime, Bill wants more time alone than to be with other people. He likes being a loner. This is what is keeping him distant right now, the fear that once he brings you in that he will no longer be a loner. You two have been so closely connected since the birth of time – in this life he only wants some space for his soul. Ted, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to be with you.

What if I refuse to believe this? I ask.

Than Bill will stay away and the triad will not be complete. He needs to know that he can continue to be a loner – he needs you assurance.

Any chance he could change his mind? Robert smiles. It’s possible, only not probable.

If this is the way it is supposed to be, I say, then why does it hurt so much? Because, Robert replies, Bill is not only the love of your existence, he is your existence. Being connected to him is tattooed into your soul’s being – it’s light. But haven’t I been with Ted since the beginning as well? Yes Robert says — but things are slightly different there, with reasons, and now is not the time to explore them. Instead, you must make yourself strong – be able to support you and your son. Give Bill permission to be free and he will return to you.

I think for a second. Wait a minute I say….if Bill is to get Ted and I together, than why is he so determined to keep Ted away from me? That doesn’t make a bit of sense.

Being human is never easy – Robert replies.

With that – Robert leaves and I am left standing there with a bunch of ghosts. So I end this session on my own.

I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to feel. I want to forget this conversation ever took place. In fact – you don’t know how close I was to deleting the whole thing. Maybe there is a whole psychological thing here that I’m just not grasping or being permitted to know. It makes me think back to the “Crawling Back To You” song and what Robert said about that. Hummmm….some food for thought.

Well – I am working on getting my ducks in a row so I’d better get back at it.

Have a good one!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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