The Tepee, A Crystal Key And Atlantis!

The Tepee, A Crystal Key And Atlantis!

I actually had this session Wed morning. Unforuately, Blogger wouldn’t let me post!

This session left me covered in goosebumps! Why? Well read on!

I sat with my crow’s feather in my left or receptive hand. I’m immediately taken to the clear lake with the waterfall. Off to the left, I see the teepee and an American Indian girl waving us over. I say us because Bill and Ted are both with me. I comment, that it would be nice if we would materialize on the other side of the lake. Ted chimes in with a devilish grin – but that’s half the fun, getting naked. I really couldn’t argue that point – and they both knew it.

We undressed and jumped in the lake. Half way across a flash of light, underwater, caught my eye. They noticed I stopped, so they did to. I comment on what I saw and point to where I can still see the sparkles of light. Bill dives down to take a closer look.

When he surfaces, (about an inch from my face- with one of those naughty grins) he tells us that it appears to be a crystal of sorts. Maybe we should go get it? It’ll take all three of us as it appears to be wedged pretty good into the lake’s floor. I look over to the shore to signal the girl, and what I see is no girl, and the teepee is alternating between translucent and solid. We discuss it and figure that the crystal below holds some sort of key to what is going on. So we all dive.

We dig around the crystal until Bill and Ted need to take a breath of air. I stay a few moments longer and keep digging until my lungs burn. I surface and the intake of breath hurts. Once we catch our breaths, we go back down. Ted and I work fast to remove the dirt, as Bill pulls on it. Finally it pops free. We are still underwater, looking at it. No mistake about it, it is a key — a crystal key.

We resurface and look over at the tepee. In the midst of the translucent tepee, we can see a fire – and in the middle of that, a large crystal door – rounded on top, straight, squared off bottom.

Upon getting out of the lake, we are greeted by 3 American Indian girls who wrap us in nice, warm blankets. We go into the tepee, which is solid once again, and see the crystal door in the center of the fire. The flames are too high and of course, too hot to get to the door. In the back right corner, the Medicine Man chants – the girls leave.

There is a discussion of what to do now – I suggest that we out the fire out. Ted runs and grabs water – I tell him no, it isn’t going to work – he tries anyway. Bill tries to stomp it out with dirt and the blankets. No good. I tell them that we have to put it out with our combined energy. I get them to sit and we join hands — our goal is to put that fire out. Full concentration, full energy on that fire. In a few moments we can no longer feel the heat. The fire is out — the door remains.

Bill uses the key, the door swings open. We enter.

And exit into the Crystal Cave. At first we’re all freezing (remember, we’re still naked), but use our energy to surround us with heat — and it works. I comment that all three of us are here and that 3 ball container is still at the bottom of the crystal lake. We dive.

Bill moves the 1st ball to the left, I move the 2nd straight forward and Ted moves the 3rd to the right. There’s a click — and we are able to get the container out of the water. On shore we take a good look at it. The container looks like a challis with a lid, the whole things made from gold, silver and copper. The lid opens and inside – at first we see nothing. Then I can make out a diary and a quill pen. I take both out and in it’s place Bill sees the same – he takes them — and then Ted follows suit. The lid closes on it’s own.

We’re perplexed at what this could mean. The pages are empty — but it looks as if there is faded ink on it. You can see the words, but not really — if this makes any sense. The diary’s remind me a lot of the diary from Indian Jones and the Last Crusade — where the guys were in search of the Holy Grail.

I can sense what this means – I tell the guys that our path to Atlantis is not written anywhere – yet. The maps, the clues are in our dreams, in our visions. We have to write EVERYTHING down. Places we are drawn to, numbers, objects – write down every flash vision, every snippet of every dream. The key to finding the lost continent is inside of us. Now that we have worked together to open the container, we now need to work together to find Atlantis. All three of us hold different keys – put them together and you have the map – AND then the way to unlock the passage to the parallel universe – and bring it into the now.

We were all in agreement. With that – we were done and I was back in my office – with goosebumps.

Very – very good! Make no mistake about it, we work well together. I found it interesting that upon arriving at the lake with the guys, none of us was surprised to see the other. No – it’s been awhile — I’ve missed you — nothing like that. I have sensed that we are together nightly – even if I cannot remember most of it — and I find myself getting quick thoughts, or being in a conversation that not mine.

I also noticed that the Divine is getting us to work together – if only on the spiritual realm for now. We are not islands. Ted cannot move forward alone, Bill cannot and neither can I. It is by our combined effort that forward progress is made.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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