The Sacred Circle, Royalty And Being Known!

The Sacred Circle, Royalty And Being Known!

All morning I have put off doing a session. I’m not sure why, but I just have. Maybe I’m lazy, busy or worried about what I could see. Could be a combo, but now I’m just stalling, aren’t I? Let’s jump in.

WOW – this was amazing! I had to have the session 1st and then write about it as I had a crow’s feather in my left hand. The more intense the vision got, the more the energy pulsed in my left hand making it quake at one point. I had to let go of the feather as my hand was moving too much for me to concentrate. When I picked it up again, the crow’s feather, thankfully, tuned it’s energy down a notch and I could handle the intense heat and the slight twitch of my left hand.

Upon entering into the session, I was taken into a vortex, it was spiral and full of the full spectrum of colors. Up and down I went twisting and turning — more like on a roller coaster ride than anything else. I could feel the air getting thinner as I was deposited onto a hillside. I could hear a voice tell me to breathe deep and not to panic. I looked down from the hill and I saw thousands of people walking about in blue robes. They were all over the place below me, walking to and from a large city, built of crystal and precious stones. I looked down and I too was in a blue robe, but more elaborate than what I could see below me. I ask out loud, where am I? I hear a voice say – a place where you can receive the answers you seek. I look about and all I can see is a faint pair of eyes and a transparent “thing” of sort – no real shape to it. I ask out loud – where is this?

I hear in my mind – you are an advanced soul, do not use your mouth to speak, but your inner voice and you will be heard. When I think – okay – I hear another voice tell me I’m on “Calis”, the origin of all my answers. In a blink, we are inside this massive crystal structure. When I look around, it reminds me of a crystal Stonehenge on steroids. I asked how we got here – I am told that we have the ability of mental transportation. Then it is added – so do I. You think about a place, and you go there. You want something – someone – you think about them and they arrive. It’s a gift that I have always had, but have forgotten about.

We are now in the center of this massive structure. I am told it is the Sacred Circle. Look around I am told. I do, looking at all of the large stone chairs, all made a bit different with their own personal vibe to it. In the 3rd row back, hidden almost from all else, I see a violet and gold chair. As I move back to it – I can hear chattering in the back about – she found it. I place my hand on it, and where my hand is, it changes colors. Some blue, red, gold, silver, etc….the chair is very smooth to touch. One of the forms comes to me and comments – back in the back, where you have always wanted to be. I turn to it and ask – this is my chair? I am told – yes. I am then asked to sit, I do. The chair surprisingly is not cold or too hard to sit on. It is comfortable and contours to my body to have a perfect, and comfy fit. I’m told to imagine myself up on the top rung, in the royalty place. And I do. I open my eyes and the chair and me are now high above the stone chair floor.

A voice tells me that I have always shied away from being royal. No matter what royalty I have become in any life, I have always tried to hide away, to be unknown. This is one of my soul’s lessons – a big lesson – is to step into the limelight and to take responsibility for who I am and what I am to do. I may be more comfortable being the one behind the wisdom, but until I step up and accept that I am wisdom, I will keep being placed in a physical body. I then hear Ted say, as I catch a glimpse of him, that we all have had this problem and he has overcome, Bill almost has.

I ask – is this the Sacred Circle? I am told – yes, and that I am the keeper of this circle. All wisdom from all of creation is stored here – discussed here – and I am the keeper of the circle. As this is trying to sink in, I am told to rest my head back. I do. Two sides come up, reminds me of Star Trek, and clasps around my skull, securing it into place. I am told not to be scared, that this will help. Asked if I am ready, I say yes.

I can see a very large door – it’s black – with a creepy light coming out from the cracks. I can hear something prying the door open. When it does fly open, these horrible looking creatures fly out. It feels almost as if they are flying out of me. I can hear myself ask – what is this? The answer surprised me – my soul’s demons. Throughout the ages, I have picked up negativity and demon attachments that have kept me from fulfilling my higher purpose. They are releasing them from my soul’s interior – freeing me. As these things leave my personal space, energy zooms through me and tears pour down my face. When they are all gone. The door closes, the two sides retreat and I open my eyes.

Go in peace, I hear, and continue upon your path. Retreat here whenever you need answers.

Then I’m done.

It was an intense experience. I’ve never liked being in the limelight – never. I guess that is one of my lessons in this life. The sooner I put myself out there – the better – right? Just as I finished this and was proof reading, I got an email about promotion and promoting one self in a contest. Yes, I took that as a sign that I need to enter it. You guys are going to help me win. Stay tuned for more.

I survived my yard sale this weekend. I don’t know how – but I did. And boy – did I hear the comments about my tomato plants. My sister joked that we are known as the “Tomato House”. 8/10 people who stopped said something really nice about my plants.

I also got my spiritual portrait:) It’s really cool, uplifting and healing. As soon as Sky sends me the pic and reading via email. I will post it to the blog. None of it surprised me, but drove some points home that I really needed to hear. One point in particular is my need to control. No matter what I tell other people to do, I do the opposite and try to hold onto things and control the outcome. I KNOW in my heart that I cannot control anything but me, myself and I. But I’ll be dammed if I don’t keep on trying. I have made myself a promise to let go. In order to do that, I’m going to write a letter to God and ask him to take this all from me. Then I will ask the Goddess Brigit for help letting go. Everytime I find myself clinging onto something, I’m going to write a letter.

My son goes to Safety School tonight. He starts Kindergarten in three weeks – hard to believe.

On that note, I’d better run for now:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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