The Ruby Sphere, The Guys And Writing!

The Ruby Sphere, The Guys And Writing!

I am guided to work with the ruby sphere today. When I hold it I can sense fire – a propulsion, even forced, into the next level of life. It is energetic, alive, vital, sexual, prophecy, boundary-less. I can sense its a Phoenix one that arises from the ashes, but also shapeshifts into a lion. This spirit honestly reminds me a lot of Ted – very fiery, intense. I can feel its courage its quest for its caretaker to have inner growth. There is also astral travel, healing and foresight. I ask where did it come from? It shares with me some images: Cleopatra mulling over a large ruby sphere. I am then shown her death, a raid on her palace, the sphere stolen and in Rome (I believe with the architecture, the pillars, bathing houses), a fire and that sphere disappearing. So I ask – is this part of the larger sphere? No, that sphere is still intact. He says he is from the same earth, the same ground where this sphere was from. So that he has all the same properties as she does. He can lead me to her. Then he says that this is all that I am permitted to see about him right now. But that I might like to take a look at this:

I can see Bill going through a used or rare book store – one outside of the states, like in Spain, France or Italy. May even be the UK, I’m not sure. Picking up old books, looking though them. He is drawn to one in particular. It is a large book – about 8 x11, leather bound light brown, but very faded due to age. There are what reminds me of the top on thumb tacks along both sides of the spine. I can hear the paper “talk” as he turns pages. He sits in a chair and cannot put it down, not even to pay for it. He comes to a page about 1/4 of the way in and he freezes. A door unlocks – I can see it – that same door that opened for me all those years ago — something struck a familiar cord. He rushes to the counter to pay.

Now I see Ted, he looks to be in LA, but he is watching a show on TV. Well, not really watching it – but the TV is on. He is busy pouring over his work for later that day. The announcer says something – I believe its my name – Allie – and my involvement as the US spokesperson for the erotic company (which, BTW guys I am). But whatever it is, that door opens in him. It’s a zinger too because he moves right up on the TV – I don’t know to hear better? He just falls to the floor and lies there. I can hear him say – bloody hell.

Larry is talking to someone – a male – I can’t see his face, only the back of him, and he has short hair, dark with gray in it. But Larry sits there in disbelief until this man says something that triggers a –oh God – out of him. He sits back and is in complete amazement – something about it all making sense now.

I saw a glimpse of my novel, The Black Triangle, on book shelves – that is a nice feeling.

Then the door closed and I’m done….

I got the message last night in my dreams that it is all important to get my gypsy magic books done and get a move on this novel. I either have to 1) go on a writing sabbatical (which means no readings, spells, etc….) 2) or get a grip and work out some sort of schedule. So I’m going with 2 right now and I’m making progress on book 3 as well as the script so that can be done in order to get a move on the novel. I can feel what I would equate to a mighty force just pushing on my back to get me to hurry.

I’m amazed how many podcast listeners I’ve picked up over the last week. I guess the Listener Appreciation idea is working – no?

I’m also shocked at the number of people who have signed up for the Soul mate workshop and it’s still a month away! Looks like I will sell out well before the start date!

Heard back from the cable company – its a no go. Not with me – but they scrapped the whole project. Do you remember a few sessions back when I think it was Robert who told me not to bother hunting for any more freelance jobs as what I have will give me enough work? Well – thus far what he holds is true – not about the work part – but about that things I am completely qualified for I’m not getting. Which means — I’m not supposed to. Because – come summer, I will be the US/Canada spokesperson for the erotica company. It has taken a whole shift from when I first talked with this company back in what – January? So now I’m on board as a co-founder with a big set of responsibly. So you guys may see me – just not where you think you would of:) When the company is ready to go public -I’ll let you know more.

I have also found 3 books I wouldn’t mind publishing under my Gypsy Girl Press name. All of course have to do with gypsies – two non-fiction and one suspense novel.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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