The Pain Of Death And Changing Negative Thoughts!

The Pain Of Death And Changing Negative Thoughts!

I know, I know…where have I been? Working my tush off – that’s where. And the party isn’t close to being over yet. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – right? A lot of typing for Whispers Media, along with readings and classes I’m giving. In fact there has been so much typing going on that my right hand keeps cramping up. Okay, I’ll stop complaining:)

Since my brain just hurts, I’m not in the mood to do a session. Of course, this is probably a time for me to DO one in order to de-stress a bit. I guess if I get a sign to do one, I will.

In the mean time I was thinking today about my close connection to Bill and Ted. I can feel what they feel (pain, happiness, love, anger, sexual tension, etc…), hear what they hear and read what they think — all is reciprocal if they want to listen to my thoughts, feelings – etc…as I’m an open book to both of them. This got me to thinking though, what will any of us feel when one of us dies? The initial pain of dying – will the two remaining be able to feel it? Do we experience that pain of death yet keep living? If one of us get ill – say cancer or maybe heart disease – do the other two feel the deterioration of the human body?

I think of us as triplets because of our connection. If you read about twins/triplets, they can feel the pain when the other one dies – and they also experience an emptiness that nothing – not even time – can fill. So would that mean if I’m the last one standing (and since they smoke too damn much that could very well be the case), I have to live with the emptiness of two souls? Man – just the thought of all this gives me an anxiety pang.

I Forget You For Ever — and if this is the case, if they choose never to acknowledge my physical existence or our soulful connection in this lifetime – will we still feel the pain of death? I am guessing that if we do feel that pain/feelings now regardless if we actually physically speak, that yes – we still will. Only I’ll understand why I have this pain and this emptiness and they won’t. I can’t decide if this is good or bad.

I received the Hessonite that I purchased and I redid my 3 stone pendant. It now has the Hessonite, Herkimer and the Amethyst until my Heliodor arrives. But at night I’m taking one of my Hessonite’s and the other 1/2 of the Herkimer pair and putting it on my bed table. My dreams have been heavily traveled. Unfortunately, I am still not taking my own advice and writing things down as soon as I wake up. I can’t help it – I always have to pee 1st and by the time I get back — I would have forgotten. SIGH.

So – this got me to thinking about our inner monologue. That nagging doubt that creeps behind us, even when we say or do something positive. I remember once I told someone that I really liked their car (and I did) but right after that in my mind I remember grumbling about someone my same age having a great car while I was driving my Grams-mobile. I learned how to change that inner crap and last week – I bought a 2005 Mini Cooper S — and boy is she sweet. Everything fell into place like melted butter – and wouldn’t of – had I not changed my thought process.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. – Willie Nelson

How does one change it? This is something important to do as once your outlook is better – so will your life.

1) Sit quietly and discover and nasty, lurking thoughts or ideals — no matter if it is fear, anger, or jealously.

2) Acknowledge it/them – take responsibility for it/them (that’s the hard part).

3) Then let it/them go. Some like to write the negative thoughts down and then burn them. As the paper/thoughts burn, it is a way to release them (this is how I do it).

4) Sit in silence and meditate for a few moments and come up three positive thoughts and/or goals for today, and three totally out-there wild hopes for the future. Give yourself permission to smile freely.

5) Pick the one thing you dread doing today- for example washing the dog – and instead if thinking how hard and messy it will be to clean Rover, think of how great it will be to hug him when he smells nice and clean. Smile again.

And it really is as simple as that. Give it a test run for two weeks. If your life hasn’t improved, then go back to your grumbling ways:)

BTW — I am sooo behind in emails that it’s stupid. Please be patient.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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