The Old Farmhouse, Fairies and Book 2!

The Old Farmhouse, Fairies and Book 2!

I’m feeling a lot of nervous energy today. Like I don’t want to be where I’m at but I have no other choice. My right eye keeps twitching too which is quite annoying! The energy is not coming from me – but from either Bill or Ted.

I’m in a black void. There is nothing here no sound, no light – the air is dense. Someone grabs my arm from the right and yanks me out of there. Now I’m in the old farmhouse from a past vision. I’m in the front hall. I look around to see who pulled me, but there is no one here. I walk past the stairs on my right into the back hall. I see the kitchen to the right and enter. It’s light, airy. A eat in kitchen with a big wooden table in the center. The sink is one – large – white and very deep. The cabinets are white and light blue. The appliances are stainless steel. Everything is clean and in it’s place. Off the back there is a screen door – open. I can see the back porch and a large oak tree. with a swing. I hear a thud from above.

I’m going upstairs, to the left and down the hall. There are many doors – all closed. I get to the last room on the right and that is where I hear the noise. I open the door and I see Bill walking around the room. This is the same bedroom from that previous vision with the 4 poster bed. It’s very sunny in here. He is putting on a pair of jeans. That is when I see me open a door – I guess from a bathroom and come out. I comment on why doesn’t he wear another pair of jeans – he has a whole closet full. He says because these are his favorite. I roll my eyes and shake my head. There is a mug of coffee on the dresser. I take it and drink. I have on a robe. I move over to a closet and open it up to find some clothes. “I” as of me now cough. Me in the vision says – bless you. Bill says – what are you talking about? I reply – didn’t you just cough? He says no.

I hear a screen door slam shut and Ted yell – hello? Bill yells that we’re up here. I look at Bill and say – I’m not dressed yet. He glances at me as if to say – so what? Bill leaves the room to meet Ted as he is coming up the stairs. They are talking – not sure what. I’m pulling a sweat shirt over my head when I hear Ted clear his throat.

I finish putting the shirt on. He tells me that he brought some apples over. I’m like – yummy! I ask him how Hanna is doing. He laughs and says Hanna who? I chide him on letting another good girl get away.

That is when Archangel Gabriel comes over and touches me on the shoulder. I follow her into the light.

We are by a stream. It sounds great. It’s warm, the trees are in bloom and there is a slight wind making the leaves rustle. I ask her where are we. She says where I feel the most at home. I comment that wouldn’t that be by the ocean? She says that while the ocean is comforting. My soul has found respite in the woods, by the water. She wants me to sit a boulder and close my eyes. I do and I feel very cold and then very hot – energy rushes through me. She tells me to open my eyes now. I do and I am surrounded by fairies, gnomes and elves. I ask where are we? She says the same place. Only now I am being permitted to see what is always around me. I hold out my hand and this wonderful fairy – dark hair, dark eyes, clothed in green lands in my hand. She sings to me, but I cannot make out the words – yet in the vision I know what she is saying to me because I sing back. Archangel Gabriel laughs. She says that this is part of my path. That I need to reconnect to the woods.

I remind her that in Ohio it is winter. She says no, not there – here. I need to travel more to here. She says that it is time for me to go back. I have much work to do today.

With that – I’m done.

Now that I’m done with this – my eye started to twitch again and I have that feeling like I don’t want to be here – but it’s not me who is generating that feeling.

My second book is done! Yeah! Finally “Gypsy Magic for the Prosperity’s Soul” is up and ready to go. You can take a look here:

Now it’s time to get on book 3!

Have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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