The Mystery Thickens…

The Mystery Thickens…

Today’s session started with me watching Bill pick up the shredded pieces of his drawings of me. Tears trickled down his face as he sat on the edge of his bed and put two pieces together to reveal my eyes. He whispered how sorry he was. I tried to give him a kiss, but my lips passed right through his forehead. Behind him, a light emits from a wall mirror. I go closer and I realize that I can put my hand through the mirror. I take a deep breath and enter.

I exit through another mirror into a large medieval hall. There is a large wooden table with many knights sitting around it – all eating and drinking. At the head of the table – Joan of Arc (me) sat trying to figure out a battle plan. Joan kept saying something about coming up from behind the Abbey and flanking the enemy. A knight kept arguing that God wouldn’t want that – so Joan whips out her sword and places it right below his chin. I think to myself – I need to get to Atlantis.

Next thing I know – I am where I left off on Friday, in the present – in an all white structure. I’m assuming this is in Atlantis with Bill, Ted and Clive. We are all looking around. I can feel the coolness of the stone on my bare feet. I move away from everyone into a white stone and crystal like structure. It’s small – with an altar in the center. I reach out and touch the altar – I get a jolt of electric. It startles me. I call for the others and they all come in. This place feels familar as in this is where we programmed the record crystals. We decide to stand around it. When we close our eyes and grab each other’s hands – I can hear a faint hum. I open my eyes and a faint – but visible – eye floats above the alter. Next thing I know I am falling through the floor.

I land softly in my meadow. I look up and Archangel Raphael is there. He apologizes for the no physical meeting last Friday with Bill – but we both had a higher calling that weekend – our sons. It will come about. I ask him to send healing to Bill as I can feel how much pain he is in. He agrees and next thing I know – both Bill and Ted are both by my side with Clive behind me. We are surround by legions of angels. Blinding light enters all four of us. I can hear the Divine tell us to have faith.

Then I wake up.

I am almost done with my gypsy love book – YAY! I finished the spells over the weekend and am now retyping them into the computer so I can email them to my testers to make sure I didn’t make things harder than they should be:) I’ve explored sending the manuscript to Llewellyn or to self-publish through iUnivese or Booklocker. The route I am going to go is to start my own publishing co. The four names I am tossing around:

Sunmoon Publishing
Trinity House
Trinity Books
Gypsy Girl Publishing

I had picked out Sunshine Publishing – but its taken. The book will 1st be an e-book, downloadable in PDF format – then as a trade paperback. The next 3 books in the series should be finished by years end – although I prefer by September. Next up my gypsy teen magic series and my conversion of my script “The Black Triangle” to a book. Then I have spell cards also in the works.

I may have no choice but to take a step back from doing so many readings and spells during this time so that I can write. I took this next week off from work so I could do just that – write. I’ve thought about just doing phone and chat readings – as they take less time than the email readings and produce more income…but then that would cut off a good portion of my International clients. Grrrr…..what I need is a good (and inexpensive) assistant! Especially since I’d like to spend 2006 traveling doing workshops and promoting (and writing) the books.

I’m also pushing my “Ask Allie” column more. I’ve got a nice press release that will be distributed on July 5th from We’ll see:)

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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