The Meadow Was Destroyed And A Friendship Is Over

The Meadow Was Destroyed And A Friendship Is Over

I have a short day today, and my son is sick, so I hadn’t planned on doing a session. Yet I am being pulled into one – so here I go.

I am taken immediately to our meadow. When I arrive I can see that everything is dark and charred – very disturbing. Ted is there and he comes over to me wit tears in his eyes. I look at him and ask – why? He crying now as he says – I had no choice, they were coming. Who was coming – I ask? The other “us” he says. I don’t get it – what other “us”? When Atlantis split, he says, we were divided into a good half and essentially a bad – greedy half. The energy of this place was drawing the greedy half – as it was meant too – but soon, if this place had not been wiped out, they would have grabbed hold and their strength would have grown.

Bill appears and continues: just as we come here for strength, they would have too – until this became a vortex for evil, not good as the Divine has intended. This was needed to draw out the bad so that they could be banished away. Ted chimes in – and it worked. See – look beneath the darkness of destruction and you can see life re-appearing.

I do look – closely, and I can see the lushness of the meadow coming to light – pushing through the darkness.

I didn’t know what else to do – Ted says. Nether of us did – Bill adds. What did I do here? You don’t remember – asked Ted. No, I don’t know. Your added light is what drew the whole group here – so that they could be banished all at once. So I was a beacon? Ted nods – yes.

Ted can’t stop crying. I can feel her anger – he says. Please get her to understand that I wasn’t doing anything with malice or that she had misinterpreted any of her signs from the Divine. Sometimes you have to do what appears wrong, in order to save what is right.

I tell him that I will try, but she doesn’t listen to me very often as she and I work on different wave lengths – or so it seems. Although, we do seem to merge from time to time:) He makes me promise – and I do.

Bill gives me a kiss on the forehead and tells us that he has some items to tend to – and he leaves.

Ted plops himself on the ground and won’t stop crying. So I sit next to him and hold him as I would my son, assuring him that all will be okay.

And with that I’m done.

Unfortunately for me – the woman who owns the meadow doesn’t believe a word of it as it was destroyed. She thinks it was done for personal gain. So our friendship is over. Not sure what Ted will do now as she is going after him full force – and I think myself and Bill as well. All I can do is protect us.

**I want to add something here – I’m hurt really hurt that she would even assume that Ted, Bill or I would ever do anything to hurt her or anyone/anything that she loves. It wounds me – deeply. I can’t get her to see that it was done out of love and for protection. Now there is nothing there that anyone has to fear.

I had a chat with Bill, Ted, Clive, Peter and Larry and it is agreed that we cannot go back there – at least not in this lifetime.

So it is with a heavy heart that I say good-bye to my meadow. And although she and I are no longer friends, I wish her nothing but the best and a long and loving life.**

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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