The Meadow, The Fellowship And A New Era!

The Meadow, The Fellowship And A New Era!

I wasn’t going to write anything tonight – yet here I am. Bill has been pulling me, in fact, he just showed up here to my right — real close to my body. He startled me and when I looked he was gone. I know what this means -he wants me to meet him in the meadow. SIGH. Only for him (or Ted) would I set foot back in there. Let’s see what he wants. But before I go, Jezell tells me to put on my soundtrack from “Fellowship of the Ring” – I’m not sure why. But I figure – why not?

I immediately arrive in the meadow. There are the briefest signs of spring here. Bill is there waiting, he smiles and says that he knew I’d come. I ask where’s Ted? He says Ted is busy at the moment. I ask him- shouldn’t you be working? He laughs and says that he should be sleeping! Of course – it’s the middle of the night in London! LOL!

I tell him that this isn’t right, the actual meadow should be barren because of the season. He chuckles and reminds me that things are different here on the astral side. I ask about her – the owner of the land – won’t she come and try to remove us. Let her he says. If the Divine wants us here – no human can stop us, regardless of who they think they are.

He wants me to walk with him, so we hold hands and walk through the grass. I can hear the swish-swish as we move through it. He stops by a bunch of trees, turns and takes my face in his hands. Remember when you discovered who I am to you? How could I forget – I reply. You said that you’d never give up on me, you swore you wouldn’t, please keep that promise. I’ve never given up on you Bill – you or Ted. What gave you that idea? Silence. You mean because you couldn’t feel that constant connection? He shrugs. Bill, I have to work too you know — I can’t think about you all the time. He smiles. What about if I did this — he leans in and gives me such a passionate and rememberable kiss. As we are kissing, I can feel heat around me. I open my eyes and we are both bathed in a white light — now our clothes are white. The white light disappears and there are the elementals, all moving about – saying how happy they are that we’re together. I heard something about the start of a new era.

I can see the tree open in the end – the one tree that he and I have traveled up in so many times. We arrive at the top, get out and waiting there is Clive, Peter and Larry. I’m ecstatic to see all of them. From behind me I hear someone clear their throat. Within 1/2 sec I am in Ted’s arms hugging the guy like crazy. There are hugs and greetings going on all over!

Archangel Michael calls us over – flanking him on both sides are the rest of the Archangels. We are all asked to get on our knees. Bill, Me and Ted in front with Clive, Larry and Peter behind us. There are words said that I do not recall – another bright light and the sounds of angels singing.

Then I felt my stomach drop like I’m in a roller coaster and I’m back.

Now I understand why the cd soundtrack was put on. Us 6 have not been together in a very long time – too long.

Now off to bed to see if I can visit these guys longer.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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