The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and a 1920's Speakeasy!

The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and a 1920's Speakeasy!

The new Podcast is up and running! I’m shocked at how many people have download the Podcast via iTunes!

Let’s go to the session – I’m immediately pulled into a Christmas setting – a big tree – at least 8 ft tall, a fireplace (with a fire) stockings hung, I can hear Big Crosby in the background singing “White Christmas”. It is a very homey and comfortable feel. I see Bill walking around in a pair of blue pj’s – looks to have basketballs on it:) He looks at me and smiles. He says – are you ready? I ask – for what? He says for your life. I say – sure I am. He hands me a large gift and tells me to open it. I open it – inside is another gift until I get all the way to the bottom. When I open the package – it’s a house key – but an old fashion one (like a skeleton key). I hold it up and ask him what’s that to? He replies to what I’ve always wanted – happiness.

He grabs my hand and takes me to the attic. He tells me to use the key. I do and it is like the book – The Lion, Witch and the The Wardrobe because I enter into a land that has to be fantasy. I see an old house – more like a castle. There is snow on the ground – I’m not cold. I see horses outside of a stable. There are cars in a circular driveway. I’m just standing there staring at all of this. I look at Bill and ask him where are we? He smiles and says home.

We go inside and I’m just in awe. He and I are still in our Pj’s. Ted comes around the corner in his jammies and has champagne in his hands. He says – Merry Christmas luv. He looks at Bill and says – we ought to write this one down, she’s speechless. I hit whoever is closest to me and we all laugh. Off to my right I see Brigit! I pull myself from “me” and go over to meet her.

We hug and she grabs my hand. Into the wall we go and emerge in the 1920’s. We are in a speakeasy – but not one that I’ve been in before. This one is richly decorated – like it is a “Man’s Club”. There are skimpy, but respectable dressed women behind the bar and one man. I see “me” sitting at a table, smoking a cigarette and talking to Nick and Frank (Bill and Ted). The male bartender comes up to our table and asks me if I would make my drink – or show him how as it is popular. I agree and go behind the bar. I am pouring gin, water and a splash of what I think is bourbon over ice. I give it to a burley man. He gives me the creeps.

I go back to the table and tell the men that there is a man who doesn’t “feel” right. The man is watching us. We split up and go separate ways.

I go back to where the bathroom is and move a picture – which causes a door to slide open. I go behind and into a very narrow passageway that I must scoot through sideways. I end up in a basement – the other two are there waiting for me. Nick moves a bottle on a shelf and a door opens up – it’s horizontal. We must roll through it on our side.

We are now in a penthouse – a very rich living quarters. We are all dressed differently – must be a different day. A woman comes out – very elegant, you know she has money and sits down in a high back chair. I sit on a couch. The men excuse themselves and join another man in a separate room. Me and this woman speak – I keep getting the name Rockefeller and I was sent to her by a Getty. I am telling this woman what is about to happen to her and her immediate family. Something about not going tote summer home – stay in the city. The Adirondacks will be dangerous – something about her son. She thanks me for my help and hands me a wad of money. It doesn’t phase me and I place it in my bosom.

Next thing I know, Brigit and I are in the clouds. I ask her – what was that all about. She says for me to realize that I’ve been using my gifts in every lifetime. That I am the real deal and to stop second guessing myself.

I am being shown a series of pictures on how to revamp my site – what to take down , what to put up. I spend WAY too much time worrying about how I’m going to do something or how something is going to happen instead of just going for it. The Divine know that I’m trying to change this way of thought/action and that is pleasing to hear.

That’s it.

I survived making WAY TOO MANY cookies over the weekend! Man I’m tired!! Almost all of the holiday shopping is done – almost! Hope the holiday frazzle hasn’t sidelined you too much!

Crystal Sunshine!

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