The Gypsy Girl Guide To Turbocharging Your Goals

GGPGoalsAccomplish Your Goals — Finally!

You plan and work towards your goals. In the beginning you are gung-ho about meeting your goals and improving your life. By the time you hit the 3rd month, you skip a few things here and there. When the half-way mark rolls around, your goals are nowhere to be found.

Now you have help setting and seeing your goals through to achievement!

First we work on your thought patterns – the way you think and what you attract with your thoughts. Next we work on uncovering your passions. Finding your Life Path and Personal Year via Numerology is next. Finally we put all of that to work with goals, and a manageable plan that will not overwhelm you, but will help you get it done!

To add you in goal longevity, there are candle, stone, oil, herb, and flower essence suggestions.


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