The Guys, Energy Shift and Soul Origins!

The Guys, Energy Shift and Soul Origins!

Oh my guides are funny spirits. They keep giving me glimpses of future happenings which in turn causes my energy to become influx with a whole lot of somethin`-somethin` which of course then causes my physical body to shake as it tries to keep up with the energy shifts. What do my guides do as all this is going on? They sit back and smile.

Now I’m cool with the smiling like “Hey she’s getting it” but they seem to smile more as my poor body trembles. They know darn well that as long as I’m human this will keep happening.

So what kind of things am I seeing? The main theme of the images is me meeting with the 12 guys: Bill, Ted, Will, Vincent, Thomas, Tom, Kyle, Johnny, Rick, Todd, Michael and George. But all at once and I’m not sure how that would ever be possible. Then again – I’m just here for the ride. If the doorways open up so that we all connect – so be it. There’s a part of me though that if I were to see Bill that I’d like to deck him — just for being a smuck. Had he not be then all these years would not have gone by with us not speaking — and Ted might not have married the she-devil and been hurt by her.

The last couple of nights I have been dreaming with Michael. I have no real recall of what transpire except to know that we were both there. He’s a spiritual person trapped in a materialistic lifestyle. He pushes, pushes to do things to make money – lots of money – but would like to pursue the origin of who he is. I keep hearing that – his origin. The origin of his soul. I’m helping him along this path.

My guide Andrew who hasn’t been here in about FOREVER finally is here. He says that people will be questioning their origins. Not their ancestors, but the origin of their soul. It is wise for people to do just that. Meditate, day dream – lucid dream – whatever you have to do in order to get in touch with YOU is what must be done. Souls come from a place further back in the evolutionary path than what any holy book may claim.  Looking within without the use of a prejudicial lens is difficult but not impossible. To steal from the X-Files “The Truth is Out There”. It is – but you have to actually want to know the truth in order to pursue the truth. Another cannot answer your truth for you as you are the only master who holds the key to the answers.

Andrew then tells me that I will find my final and last Life Partner in 2011 with us getting married (not necessarily in the legal sense) in 2012. Provided I stay on my current path:)

Everyone have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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