The Guys And I'm Smitten!

The Guys And I'm Smitten!

Before ya’ll ask — I haven’t heard from Tracey today. Yesterday – last time I talked to her late evening – no one had stopped by for a visit. However, all day the energy around me was very heavy and depressing. I was fine as long as I was talking to someone or engaged in a reading. As soon as I was flying solo – the heaviness crept in. This is something that wasn’t coming from me – yet I could feel it in my heart chakra. When I did talk to Tracey she commented about feeling the same thing – very heavy and depressing around her.

I think that I may know what has brought on this heavy, depressive feeling – Will. I have found someone who has grabbed my attention – he’s a client of mine and we’ve had a mutual attraction for quite some time – but never acted on it. I kept hearing to email him Wed night – so I did – just to say hi. Thursday was spent with each of us telling each other how we’ve been attracted to one another from the get go. And in fact – Gab had him pegged years ago, described him to a “T” – and I knew it was him when I met him – but didn’t say anything. So anyways as we’re talking yesterday I told him about Gab’s readings – twice – she talked about him – but not by name. Several years earlier I had a reading and that person called him by name. And guess where he lives? NYC:) Anyways — that’s what I think brought on the depression from Will – as what happens to me is felt by them and visa versa.

As I’m writing this — I got this email from Tracey:

I did not get anything – so I finally went to sleep. Bill came into my dream – and he said that Will was not cooperating and did not want to meet – and he said that he was going to keep trying and that hopefully he could get Will to agree sometime before the weekend was over. He said ‘Will is angry and depressed, but he will not open up and is not willing to talk right now.’ I said okay – this is disappointing news, but I guess that’s the way it is. Bill told me that he needed me to send Ted some healing because he’s staying high a lot and he thinks that there are things Ted is not facing. He feels Ted is running away from his problems. He thinks he is unhappy in his relationship. He said that he was sending Ted healing and to ask Allie to do the same. He showed me a triangle by drawing it with his finger in the air and he said there are three sides and if all three of us send him healing there is strength in this. I said I agree and told him I would and then I said but what about Will? He said, oh yeah – I guess we can do that too. So, he tells me – I am ‘on call’ – basically and that’s really all I remember. I am so bummed. I expected there to be something BIG you know. I think I am actually disappointed.

So let’s see if they contact her over the weekend. If I get something in I will post it:)

Wait a minute — that reading that I posted from a client to me (it was Samantha BTW) said that I would be with someone older than me – not too much older. Oh, here’s a snippet: Clairvoyantly, I see moving toward the East and I am seeing happiness not only for you, but for your son as well. I feel a lot of warmth and laughter. I also see a man walking into your life when you make this move. He’s tall, with black hair, tanned, and he’s a little older, but not much. He has a nice body, he’s skinny but he does have some muscle to him and he’s clean shaven. I’m feeling you may all ready know this man?

Sounds like him. He’s a Cancer – me a Taurus – so from a zodiac prospective it’s a good match. We’ll see – it’s far too early to tell anything — but I like what I see & feel so far.

Talk to you later — I’m sure!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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