The Crystal Cavern and Atlantis or Lemuria?

The Crystal Cavern and Atlantis or Lemuria?

I don’t know why – but this session I was instructed to start about 5 minutes late. No idea why?

I can see Bill and I hiking when I’m drawn to these wonderful painted rocks (naturally painted rocks like in the SW). I follow the course of them and I find a cave. I call out to Bill to join me, but I don’t wait – I just go inside. It is cold, wet. I grab my small flashlight and look around. In the distance I can see a brilliant light. I call again for Bill and he’s at my side. I ask him what’s that – he shines his light but he doesn’t know. We deice to go look together. We are walking back hieroglyphics in a small, tight walkway. I can see a man on a horse, a triangle, a sun, moon, a five-pointed star and a red circle – looks like a red planet. We want to stop and keep looking at all of these painting – there are dozens of them…I can see a building – maybe in the 1800’s, more horses, a bottle of booze, green grass, flowers, a white pyramid and a round – what looks like white bowl with liquid and a face inside.

The light keeps drawing us. We discuss if we should get the others and we decide if it is interesting then we’ll go get them.

We move into the light and emerge into the crystal cavern. I look back to where we just walked from, and the walkway is gone. It’s a solid crystal wall. Bill says that he has been here before – I comment that so have I – many times. The walls still have that brilliant white light. I see the small lake and tell Bill about the container with the 3 balls on top which is buried below. He asks me if the balls move and I reply that in a vision I had they do move in order to open this vessel. We both want to go in. Just then a woman appears with strikingly beautiful blond hair, long white robe. Bill calls her Catherine. In ways she reminds me a lot of Cate Blanchard – but this woman’s features are fine – like china.

She explains to me that she is one of Bill’s guides and that she is instructed to stand by in case she is needed. At that time, a guide of my Abraham arrives – looking like such a wise, old sage. Catherine and Abraham appear to know one another. I greet him. He tells me that he too is here in case we require help. Bill and I look at one another, kick off our shoes. We start to take off most of our clothes – but then think about the starkness of the area – how cold will it be? Bill checks the water and finds that it is warm, like an underground spring. So we undress and dive in.

We dive down and we both see the 3 balls sticking up through the white sand. He taps me on the shoulder and points to his eyes – I know that he feels someone is watching us – invisible – here and I feel the same, so I nod. We are both digging like crazy to get the container loose. No matter how much sand we dig, it doesn’t seem to work. We go back to the top. When we hit top water, I ask why can’t we dig any sand away? Catherine smiles and suggests that perhaps there needs to be another way. We take a deep breath and go back under.

He digs while I try to move the balls on top. I can move one – and only one. I get his attention and he stops digging to help. He too can move one – but neither of us can move the 3rd – no matter how hard we try. Back to the top side. He asks – does Ted need to be here for the 3rd ball to move. Abraham tells him – correct. How are we to find this place again once we find Ted? Catherine says that Ted will come to us and when he does we will be permitted to come back. For us not to worry about the how. I ask if that container has to do with Atlantis or Lemuria? I am told not to worry about what is inside right now. We are asked if we found anything else down there. Bill and I look at one another – take a deep breath and dive.

We split up and look around. He excitedly tries to get me to go over to him as if he pushes he shows me a door. I have found a door as well. We nod for each of us to go through and as I push to exit – I come out of it and the session ends.

Drat – I really wanted to see through that door!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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