The Crystal Cave, Hawks And Confirmations!

The Crystal Cave, Hawks And Confirmations!

How was your weekend? Mine started with the flu and ended with nasty congestion. So if you have emailed me within the last several days – hang in there – I’ll get to the email. It’s amazing what piles up after several days of being away from the computer!

Over the weekend, my family moved everything out of my deceased uncle’s house – a good chunk came to rest here in my home. Among the trinkets of treasure are several paintings. One in particular a mill, on a river with the surrounding trees in fall leaves. The mill looks almost to a “T” of what I see in my visions with Ted and the mill. The painting I saw him do of the mill – very close to this. A wonderful confirmation of those visions. The painting now hangs in my office so that I can look at it daily and smile;)

Speaking of Ted, he is making his presences well- known in my energy field. He is here and he wants me to know about it but without being in my face. Dream visits last night were with him – from what I can remember we were sitting down, holding hands, eyes closed and I believe we were trying to astral project at the same time.

Larry made a reappearance today:) I asked him where has he been? He said he had something to attend to. When he’s around, I feel a goose bump type of energy all through me. So I know when it’s him and not one of the others. He also said that he’s not going away again.

Bill – I can feel him pacing. I can hear a clock ticking in the background and his frustration level building.

My son went back to preschool today (yeah) and I walk him as it’s only a couple of blocks. On my way back home I saw 9 hawks circling my house – like they were waiting for me. When I reached my house – they all left, one by one. I took this to be a whopper of a sign. 9 is the ending of things, also on the threshold of new. According to the angels, a 9 also signifies that my Divine purpose involves giving through my natural talents, passions and interests. I went looking to see what messages a hawk would bring and this is what I found:

*Primal life force
*Spring and fall equinoxes
*Being observant
*Messages from spirit
*Recalling past lives
*Seeing the larger picture
*Wise use of opportunities
*Overcoming problems

I think this is a really good sign – don’t you?

Now – after the hawks and before my podcast – guess what else was confirmed to me??? My Crystal Cave!!!!! Yep – just like I’ve seen in my visions with the exception that they have not found the room with the lake in it yet. But all else is dead on, including that it’s in Mexico! I almost fell over in my chair when I read about this. It is called the Cave of Swords and the Cave of Dreams

Here are the links:

Simply AMAZING!!! I cannot begin to describe how comforting and invigorating it is to get confirmation of a vision. Now I know that the meadow and the crystal cave are real places. God that’s exciting!!

Back to work I go! What a GREAT DAY!! Sickness and all:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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